Commercial Spaces: From Workstations to Boardrooms

Let’s face it: regardless of the industry, most people who work in an office are constantly searching for ways to upgrade their space. Sometimes it’s the light, sometimes it’s the chair, but often times, it’s the desk that needs improvement. Hand-crafted live edge tables not only renew felled trees- they can renew your workplace!

From the smallest workstations to the largest boardrooms, any corporate work-space can be improved with a natural, live edge surface.

Live Edge Workstations

Whether you’re working from home or burning the midnight oil at work, a good workstation can make a huge difference. A natural-looking surface can make for a comfortable place to get down to business.

When you think about live edge furniture, big, grand pieces often come to mind, but we can design and cut desktops that work for any size. This means you can create a space that inspires productivity wherever you choose to get it done!

The Importance of a Great Conference Table

When you have to gather the office together, you usually bring everyone into the conference room. It’s the central hub of your office life; where everyone can come together to work on projects, voice opinions, and work as a team towards common solutions. A good conference room will be amenable to all this, creating a welcoming space in which everyone feels comfortable.

Live edge tables can do the trick! The natural colors and edges can make a work environment that’s spectacular. You might not be able to bring everyone outdoors, but you can bring in a bit of that ambiance!

Live Edge Furniture in the Boardroom

The boardroom can be the place where a business lives and dies – where deals are hammered out, where mergers take place, where votes and interviews and partnerships all take place. The center of all this action is invariably the table, and given all that we’ve listed, your choice should be a solid one. Live edge tables are perfect!

The legs on our tables are made from locally recycled iron, making it a solid presence in your space that can command the room and impress any potential clients, partners, or new employees.

If you’re looking to enhance productivity and revitalize your business space, consider coming to us with your specs and design ideas. We’ll work with you to craft the perfect piece for any environment!


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