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Five Different Woods Used For Custom Tables

If you have a design idea for a custom table, you might know how you want it to look, but not the material from which it’ll be made. Well, wood of course, but what kind of wood? What you choose can determine not just its look but its strength, too, because when it comes to furniture craftsmanship, not all wood is equal. Here are five different kinds of wood used for custom made wood tables, and why they’re excellent matches for your dream furniture!

Oak For Custom Tables

Oak is incredibly popular, and not just because it’s heavy and durable. Natural oak tables will feel new-yet-familiar to you because it’s a reliable presence in the world of furniture. From the humblest bungalows to the grandest mansions, the ubiquity of oak means it has a style that never goes out, especially for a custom made table. It’s the wood of choice for craftsmen all over North America, playing an integral part in the history of furniture making that’s rivalled by no other material.

Once you see a handcrafted oak table, you’ll understand right away. The natural grain of oak is open with a uniform pattern and texture. Whether it’s Red Oak, with a slightly tan color, or White Oak, with a lighter finish, any furniture made with this strong wood will look right at home.

Maple For You Custom Made Table

The wood Canada is best known for, and hey, we put the leaf on the flag for a reason! It’s a beautiful, durable material and an absolute pillar of our country’s woodworking industry. Don’t be deceived by the creamy white color of maple: this wood is one of the toughest around, making it perfect for a high-traffic area like the kitchen or living room.

The texture of maple is usually consistent and fine, but the often-found unique designs in the grain make it a beautiful choice for live edge tops. It’s okay if you’re not crazy about the light color; many different stain colors take really well to maple, giving it a color that replicates many different kinds of wood, including pricier materials.

Custom Tables Made Of Walnut

North American walnut is as impressive a wood as can be found, but the walnut found at conventional furniture stores might have soured you on the look. That’s because much of this furniture isn’t walnut at all, but rather cheap imported wood stained to look more expensive than it is. Real handcrafted walnut furniture, made in a real workshop, is of the highest quality, so don’t be fooled!

The natural color of walnut is often absolutely stunning, so it doesn’t require much more than a clear coat to impress. It also has a beautiful natural grain and great durability, making it one of the best woods for live edge table tops and custom made wood tables. Just be prepared for the price.

Pine Is Great For Custom Table Tops

The distinctiveness knottiness of pinewood makes this a cozy fit not only for the cottage but just about every room in your actual home, too! This lightweight wood brings the natural look of the outdoors at an inexpensive price, and it’ll look amazing in just about every environment, especially for custom table tops. It’s malleable as a material and not hard to find out in the wild, so it’s an easy material to incorporate in just about any woodcraft.

Natural pine tables might need a bit more TLC because pine is a softwood, so it’s more prone to scratches, dents, and dings. However, it also doesn’t age and break from swelling and shrinkage, and the knots, lines, and texture make every natural pinewood table an extremely unique piece.

Cherry Wood Custom Tables

Cherry is one of the most valued hardwoods used in craftsmanship, and not without reason. The straight, smooth, fine lines of the wood give it a luxurious look, and it doesn’t need a stain to bring out a beautiful color – it’s naturally one of the richest you’ll ever find. Despite its durability, cherry is quite flexible, making it easy to craft into gorgeously ornate tables. Clean cut tables look great too, as this style of craftsmanship goes along with the simple lines of the grain.

Cherry’s color deepens over time, and it’s quite a costly material. But any table made from solid, real cherry wood is guaranteed to impress, and it can work as either the focal point of a room or an excellent accent piece.

If this blog really got you excited about custom tables feel free to give us a call! We get excited about every new project we take on no matter how big or small so don’t hesitate to reach out now.


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