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Why You Should Invest in Quality Furnishings

What kind of furniture should you be in the market for? A lot of people believe tables, chairs, and assorted other furnishings should be purchased all at once, for as cheap as possible. We disagree with this idea, and have another philosophy in mind: furniture, like a good pair of shoes, a comfortable mattress, and a stock portfolio, is an investment. It’s something you put money into, and out of this investment, you get a lot: comfort, beauty, coziness, and even savings!

Quality Furniture is Beautiful

It might seem obvious, but well-built, well-finished furniture looks incredible! Quality furnishings do more for your room than a carefully-chosen work of art ever could. It’ll do much more than art to impress guests, too, because, well, you can’t sit on a Picasso (unless you had, like, a lot of money).

But it’s not just guests you want to impress. Your furniture should excite you, too! You should feel happy, be comfortable, and look forward to what you’re coming home to, and well-crafted, handmade, quality furniture can do this for you. It’s even better when you design the furniture yourself!

You’re Saving A Lot of Money in the Long Run

Furniture used to be one of those “buy it for life” categories of stuff – either that, or you had to make it yourself (but that’s what we’re here for!). These days, inexpensive “wood” products and worldwide shipping have turned tables and chairs into yet more disposable commodities, things with which to fill our homes for a year or two, until we wear them out and dump them, only to buy another inexpensive product to tide us over.

It really shouldn’t be this way! Not only does the “buying for life” philosophy prevent waste, but investing in quality furnishings can actually save you some money. When you purchase a piece of furniture made with quality in mind, you’re buying something for life, and you won’t have to continuously pony up for a replacement that’s bound to break anyway.

Quality furniture grounds your home

The Big Lebowski made us all aware of how a rug can tie a room together. We’d like to go one further (sorry Dude) and say that high-quality furniture makes the room. What you put into your home should be as solid as the building is, and furniture made of natural wood and crafted with care can turn a house into a comfy, cozy abode. You’ll just like your rooms a lot more, and that can change how you look at the whole investment you made signing the mortgage!

While quality furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be tough to furnish an entire room with it. You don’t need to do the whole project all at once, though; start with furniture that would act as a centerpiece for the room, like a dining room table, coffee table, harvest table… come to think of it, tables are a great start. You can work your way down to chairs, sides, and accent furniture, keeping to a schedule that affords you the opportunity to furnish your room within two or three years.


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