Which Wood Is Best For A Dining Table?

The dining room table is the centerpiece of many homes. The dining table has the important task of hosting regular meals, games, and relaxation. The table must be able to handle all of these tasks and much more, so using the right wood essential. Here are three wood types commonly used to make dining tables in the WoodOnSteel workshop, and what makes them suitable for your home!

Pine Is More Than Fine

We love this close-grained softwood for many projects, and we can make it work for dining room tables, too. While it looks compacted, pine has a very low density. This means that while it is quite easy to work with, it is also easy to scratch. 

Pine is lighter in color, allowing it to take paint and stain very well. This makes it easy to customize a dining table so that it matches your décor and protect the wood from decay and water damage. Even though it’s not as strong as other woods, pine can still work great in a high-traffic area.

Walnut Is Great


Walnut is a top choice for dining tables because of its strength and dark colour. The sweeping grains and colour gradients make walnut a bold material to use as a focal point in a dining room. But more and more decor schemes are going for bolder decors, making this a high demand wood!

Walnut isn’t the easiest to work with, as it is quite hard and can have plenty of knots throughout the wood. It’s also a bit harder to find, making it a costly wood choice for a complete dining table. You’ll often see walnut used as the surface of a table with metal legs rather than for the entire table.


Maple is the top choice for many dining room tables. Maple is an excellent material for making dining tables. It’s easy to work with, yet it is still incredibly durable. This is because maple has a close grain, giving it density and strength. It’s even naturally water-resistant, but we add a protective coating to make sure it withstands everything you throw at it.

It’s also a popular choice because it’s aesthetically pleasing. The look of the grain and the way it takes on color make it a suitable choice for just about every room setting. When left with a natural stain, maple can make a darker room look brighter and more inviting, but if your room is bright enough, we can use a stain that gives it a darker appearance.

Can Dining Tables Be Made With Other Wood?

Many different kinds of wood can be used for dining tables. Oak and cherry are very common, as both have unique colour characteristics and durability similar to maple. However, because we craft all our furniture using local wood, everything that comes out of the Rustix workshop starts with what grows in the area. Walnut, maple, and pine are all more readily available in London than other wood types, and you’ll see them used in our projects more often.


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