What Types Of Wood Make The Most Durable Furniture?


Buying furniture made from solid natural wood is an investment you’ll enjoy for many years to come. But which kind of wood is the most durable? When choosing the ideal material for your custom-made furniture, your best bet is the wood of several species classified under the term hardwood. Here are the reasons why, and the three best choices for your next project!

What Types Of Wood Make The Best Durable Furniture? 


While there’s always a place for coniferous trees like pine – it’s easy to work with, cost-effective, and has a nice rustic charm – the most durable furniture is made from hardwood trees. The strength of the material comes from these trees’ slow growth; the time makes the cellular structure dense, especially when compared to faster-growing softwoods like pine.

Hearing the name “hardwood” makes the previous conclusion seem obvious. But it’s not just the durability – hardwood furniture has an unrivalled combination of beauty, too. It can’t be matched even by engineered wood! Of course, there are many species of hardwood native to the London area. Which ones make the most durable furniture possible?




Walnut is a hard, strong, and durable wood for furniture. It carves well and holds its shape for years. It makes this wood perfect for ornate furniture that requires a high level of craftsmanship – it’s the best choice for highly detailed tables, chests, and accessories.

Walnut is ideal for investment pieces and furniture you want to stay in your family for generations. It doesn’t hurt that it looks beautiful: it has a straight grain and dark brown colour with hints of grey, black, and even blue swirled throughout!




Maple is one of the most durable wood types for furniture, and you’ll find it used for items like dressers, dining sets, and anything else that gets a lot of use. Furniture makers choose it for these items because maple wood can take a beating while being more affordable than other hardwoods. 

Combined with its color, maple can go with just about any décor. It’s perfect for young families looking for furniture that will last through all their child’s aesthetic phases! 




Another popular hardwood for furniture is oak. Oak is very dense, which adds quality to a wood that easily adapts to many kinds of finishes. It’s prized for its natural colors, ranging from a light brown to dark red, all with swirled or striped grains.

It’s an ideal choice for both modern and traditional furniture. If you’re looking for heirloom furniture, cared-for oak will last centuries. You’ll find many pieces made from this wood in antique stores! 

Of course, you don’t want your WoodOnSteel table to make it to antique stores – you’ll want to pass it down through as many generations as possible! To ensure your furniture makes it into the future, we would use local London maple, walnut, or oak.



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