What Is A Trestle Table?

Trestle tables are making a big comeback. That’s not to say they went anywhere far – the trestle table is, after all, one of the oldest table designs in the world! It has endured in the furniture world because of its stability, design, and assembly. You can bring one into your home today – and here’s why you should!

What Is A Trestle Table?

A trestle table has two or three trestles linked by a longitudinal cross-member, over which the carpenter places a board or tabletop. Trestle legs are a support for the cross-member made up of four divergent legs. They don’t look much different from the trestles carpenters use to support their wood projects, but a cross-member moves through the legs. Together, these parts hold the board or several posts to form the table.

Even though the design is old, trestle tables have come a long way since the Middle Ages. At a time when space was a premium, the trestle table was a popular design for its ease of assembly and storage. Back then, though, it was little more than loose boards over trestle legs; now, there’s a permanence to the trestle table. 

Modern trestle tables are different from other models, as the tabletop rests on a wood trestle base set back from the corners rather than at them. It’s a design choice that provides more leg space and ease of construction. These are just two of the benefits you’ll find from this model!


Why Should You Choose A Modern Trestle Table?

One benefit of trestle tables is how much legroom they allow. The design does not restrict people from getting in and out at the corners like what you might experience with a traditional table with four legs. Even the tallest member of your family or party will find that they can sit comfortably! If you need to move it, the process is simple: two people can move it because the legs stay in place, and depending on the leaves, only one person can expand it! 

Trestle tables are easy to assemble and take apart, easy to transport, and easy to store! Trestle tables are ideal for outdoor spaces, too, bringing a lot of beauty and rustic sophistication to a patio or terrace. If you have an open area, you can take out the trestle table with ease when the weather is appropriate. Because it comes apart quite easily, you can put it away at the end of the season. 

Custom-made trestle tables can turn this class of tables into a stable, enduring feature of your dining room! The trestle tables that come out of the Wood On Steel workshop are sleek and sophisticated, working perfectly for those conscious about the amount of space they have. We can design these tables to have the leaves stored underneath the tabletop. The design can store up to four leaves!

Like all our tables, the Wood On Steel team can make a trestle table using high quality and natural wood. Talk to us today about the benefits of a trestle design and we’ll get to work!


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