What Is A Live Edge On A Table?

When it comes to selecting the best furniture for interior design, most people look for pieces that tell stories and spark conversation. Live edge furniture lets nature do the talking. But what is a live edge table, exactly?

The History Of The Live Edge


Once upon a time, in early settlements and farmhouses, live edge tables were the norm. The name “live edge” refers to the natural edge present on at least one side of the wood used in the table’s construction, but it also implies a more authentic, organic appearance. Live edge tables are essentially tables that look like natural trees.

Clean, smooth edges on furniture have been the ideal style for a very long time, but the popularity of live edges has seen a resurrection in the past decade. Although they’re known to be heavy, live edge tables are also known to be more durable and last much longer than traditional furniture.


What’s The Big Idea?


A wooden table with a live edge may typically have grooves and lines visible under its protective glass or varnish. Those lines are indicative of the life the tree has lived. Scientists measure the age of a tree by taking samples of the core and tracking the rings within the trunk. You can see these rings bisected in the wood used, which allows you to literally see the history of your unique table. In a sense, live edges preserve the memory of the forest the wood came from.

The primary benefit of live edge tables as opposed to common ones is they are a more environmentally conscious option. Wood On Steel takes pride in using trees that have been culled locally to create functional pieces of vivid artwork. Each piece of furniture is crafted by hand with genuine love not only for the art of home design, but for the materials used.


Keep The Edge Alive


The function and beauty of live edges aren’t limited to dining room tables. A coffee table made from pure Canadian maple wood would compliment your living space immaculately. Or consider commissioning an office desk with all the rawness of an ancient fallen tree. Investing in durable furniture made with upcycled materials can create a truly inspiring space to work, study, dine, or just vibe in.

With a handcrafted piece from Wood On Steel, every time you host, you’ll be able to display your appreciation for rugged aesthetics and the longevity of nature. Each piece is guaranteed to be one of a kind.


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