Trends in Commercial Bar Tops

Bar tops aren’t just any old piece of furniture. They’re the main focus of any watering hole, and a good one can make a lasting impression on those who visit. You just need the right look for your type of place. If you’re searching for the perfect bar top, here are some great ideas that could give your establishment a unique look!


Chicago Rail Bar Top


This decorative edge isn’t just an appealing aesthetic choice. It also provides a comfortable place on which any barflies can rest their arms. It also creates a dam that prevents party fouls from spilling onto the patrons’ clothes.



Drawbridge Bar


You could call it a “Murphy bar” instead, but it’s a neat looking bar that easily tucks in when not being used. It also keeps your booze and glassware protected, preventing guests from helping themselves to the good stuff!

In a commercial setting, a drawbridge bar is a great idea that could give any small, hideaway bar an illicit, “speakeasy” atmosphere. Bring in Al Capone!



Reclaimed Wood


Recycling and reclaiming wood from barn sides and palettes make for interesting and unique designs that simply can’t be replicated. Whether they provide the siding or the bar top itself, find some reclaimed wood and give your bar a one-of-a-kind look!





Pipe Accents


Steampunk may not be in, but pipe accents aren’t just for retro-futuristic costumes anymore! Perfectly styled antique pipes give any bar a great throwback style that recalls the days of old-time breweries. Just maybe warn patrons to watch their knees!





Live Edge Bar Tops


This is one of the most popular designs, and with good reason – you simply can’t replicate it! Every live edge surface comes from one unique cut of wood, The best part of this design is that we can use real, reclaimed wood from London and keep its natural grains and edges!

It’s elegant, impressive, and whether you have a rustic or modern bar, it accents every design idea. We can custom make any bar top for your specific look and space, so come to us with your designs and we’ll make them come to life!


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