Trends in Charcuterie Board Offerings

It’s not often that a 15th-Century trend thrives in the Instagram era, but charcuterie boards are taking the world by storm. At a time when we’re going to fewer large gatherings, charcuterie taps into a niche that appeals to people of all ages and tastes. 

Naturally, this means there are many takes on what goes on the board. Here are five trends in charcuterie offerings if you’re planning your next night in!

Plant-Based Charcuterie


These days, a plant-based charcuterie board can offer much more than crackers, dried fruit, and jam. You now have a selection of plant-based cheeses at your disposal, including vegan options made with green coconuts, cashews, almond milk, and even a “blue cheese” made with spirulina. Add cacao nibs, radish sprouts, and edible flowers to make a delicious appetizer board that will appeal to even the most die-hard carnivores!

You can also center the board on a specific plant-based dish. For example, you can accompany falafel with dips like baba ghanoush, hummus, and tzatziki, with warm pita bread, olives and fresh vegetables on the side. Pair this with a dry white or rosé wine.


Keto Charcuterie


The ketogenic diet is a specific regimen of high fats, medium proteins, and low-to-no carbs. The great thing about charcuterie is that, because there are no strict rules, you can make a board with only low-carb options!

Many charcuterie mainstays will look right at home on the keto charcuterie board: olives, nuts, and cured meats like prosciutto and salami are all still welcome. Make sure your cheese selections are low carb, and you can focus on those with high-fat content: halloumi, brie, chevre, and gruyere are all extremely low in carbs. 

Of course, you also need a low- or no-carb cracker. Add cheese crisps, keto-specific tortilla chips, even pork rinds to your charcuterie board to maximize the flavour and stay within your allotted net carbs! 


Dessert Charcuterie


Charcuterie isn’t only for savoury palates – dessert boards are a big trend. You can balance freshly cut melons, berries, and dark chocolate with caramel popcorn, chocolate-covered nuts and pretzels, salted nuts, and even larger desserts like cream puffs and cupcakes to create a board that has something for everyone’s sweet tooth!

You can also make a gorgeous candy charcuterie for Halloween or kid’s birthday parties (or adult ones, candy is for everyone). It’s easy: unwrap snack-sized chocolate bars and candy, cut them into bite-sized pieces (if not already), and group the sweets into sections.


The Return Of The Cheese Board


Of course, many people feel there’s no substitute for the OG cheese board. We’re in a golden age of cheese; charcuterie boards that pack in as many kinds of this favourite as possible are still a sure favourite, but you can keep your selections within a theme. For example, prepare an assortment of locally-made cheeses, take a tour of France or Italy, or pair each option with a small flight of wine. 


Charcuterie As Art!


Did you know there are charcuterie influencers? Many people have become “artists” in the stylized food craze, like fashion and lifestyle influencers. These accounts show another side of charcuterie: it’s an accessible, affordable way to put design skills to work and make something delicious and unique. You don’t have to be rich or skilled in the kitchen to craft a stunning charcuterie board!

We’re inclined to agree with this trend – why show off a handbag when you could show off your charcuterie? If you’re looking for a ‘grammable charcuterie board, come to Wood On Steel and serve your offerings on a unique surface!


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