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Top 5 Kids’ Furniture Trends 2021

Children’s furniture can be tough to find – you have to like it, they have to like it, and it has to last. Luckily, there’s a trend for everyone in 2021, as we’re spending the year looking to a brighter future – in more ways than one. Here are the top five kids’ furniture and design trends for this year!

Adding Convenience To Their Rooms

Simple, easy-to-use furniture and storage solutions are in high demand this year. These furniture options and accessories come without the pain of setting up complicated structures, which then have to be dismantled when your child grows up. 

It’s much easier – for both you and your child – to create a space that you can change as the child grows up. As their tastes mature, the only parts you’ll have to focus on are the cosmetics and colours to reflect their changing interests.


Using Furniture To Enhance Multi-Functional Spaces 

The pandemic is forcing kids to do more at home: from schooling to playing to interacting with their peers, they’ve had to take on much more than usual while stuck indoors. One trend more families are getting in on is turning the bedroom into a multi-functional space for kids. It can be a combination bedroom, playroom, and study area. 

The best part of choosing furniture for a multi-functional kids’ room is that you save plenty of space with a versatile environment while also saving money! You won’t need to buy as many wardrobes, dressers, or shelving if you can have combined solutions. 


The High-Rise Bed

Continuing the trend of multi-functional kids’ bedrooms, the high-rise bed is going mainstream in 2021. No longer for the dream bedrooms seen on TV, this bed has a top area for sleeping while the bottom space can be a playhouse, wardrobe, storage space, or (for older kids) a study area. Not only is it an excellent investment for mom and dad, but it also looks cool – your kids will be raving about this bed forever!


Creative Shelves

There never seems to be enough space for all the toys, books, and games your child has, but we’re taking control in 2021. Cubbies in unique geometric shapes, wooden dividers, and floating shelves on the walls are all approaches to organizing that won’t lose their charm as your children grow up. If you have the specifications of their bedroom and an idea, we can customize the shelves to the proper dimensions!


Natural Wood Furniture

Whatever furniture you choose to outfit your children’s bedroom with, natural wood is in and disposable materials are out. Adding furniture made from natural wood brings warmth, comfort, and stability to a child’s bedroom. A wooden bed, bookshelf, desk, or chair with a beautiful grain and finished with a nontoxic stain never goes out of style.

Consumers have become more drawn towards natural, sustainable materials for their furniture in the last few years. Wood On Steel meets these needs!


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