Three Wood On Steel Pieces For Your Home Office Decor

Work-from-home isn’t just a current reality – it’s the future for many workers across London and Canada. Plenty of people have had to carve out a little space for their work lives in spare rooms, basements, or neglected offices, and as the months have dragged out to almost a year, they’ve realized something: working from home can be great! A little more sleep, no commute, a cup of coffee you can make to your taste – there are some pretty nice perks! 

For anyone working from home, it’s time to stop making do and start making your space your own! Here are three Wood On Steel pieces that will make your home office a special place.

Live Edge Shelving

Live edges can add a delightful bit of nature to your home office. If you want to use them to hold up your work documents, books, and/or knick-knacks, take your dimensions to the Wood On Steel team. We can size, cut, and finish shelving that meets the needs of you or your items. For instance, if you have a collection of large books that you’d like a place for, we can create deep shelves that retain the live edges. 

If live edges don’t work with your existing decor, we don’t need to keep them on; custom-built shelves are still the ideal option for a home office!


Side Table

The home office isn’t always the best spot in the home. As we hinted up top, a lot of workers have had to make do with the space you have, not the space you want. Turning it into the home office of your dreams can mean changing the lighting, the flooring, and (if you’re on a budget) the accents. A side table next to your desk or chair could be just the thing to bring your office from drab to fab.

A side table is a great way to add surface area to a smaller home office. It makes the ideal spot for a lamp if natural or overhead lighting isn’t exactly great, too. When you have the table custom-made with real, live-edge wood, your home office will never look more inviting!


A Custom Live Edge Desk

Go big and go home: if you’re committing to the work-from-home life, upgrade your office with a custom live-edge desk. We can make a surface that fits into your office, with enough space for office tools like printers and scanners, as well as strategically-placed holes through which to run your cords and plugs. We can make a completely new desk for you, legs and all, or we can cut and finish a desktop for an existing model you want to keep!


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