What Referrals Mean To Us

Have you ever asked a friend where he or she bought a specific shirt you liked? They generally clam up, because they don’t want you copying their personal style. Their silence on where they got it is frustrating, but it won’t put the Gap or Winners out of business. For small businesses, though, sharing that kind of information can mean a lot.


“Referrals” or “word-of-mouth marketing” might seem like a hard way of doing business, but it means a lot to us. It’s all part of embedding ourselves in the community and finding new customers who are very enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it. Referrals, more than anything, mean business!


Referrals Lead To A Great Customer Base


There are reasons referrals mean a lot to WoodOnSteel, but here’s the most important one: referred customers are awesome. These kinds of customers come after seeing a piece in the home or business space of a friend, family member, or colleague. They want something unique for themselves, and we love meeting their expectations!


People who come to us after a referral, because they got the recommendation from someone they know and trust, are generally very enthusiastic. This isn’t just restrained to word-of-mouth, though – by sharing pictures, comments, and opinions on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reviews, and other social media outlets, you’re referring even acquaintances to us! There’s some statistical support for this, too: 83% of people from over 60 countries say they trust the recommendations of friends and family, while 88% of consumers read online reviews to check the quality of a local business. Your opinion matters not just to us, but to everyone around you!


Building Trust in the Community


Referrals help us spread and become members of the local community. A neighbor shares a picture on social media, or has a friend over for coffee, and tells someone else where he or she got that table. The answer might surprise them – it didn’t come from a big box store, but was made right here in London! Making our locavore habits a part of our story makes for a good copy, sure, but it also lets potential customers learn that they can get impressive furniture made only from materials found in the Forest City.


Word-of-mouth marketing helps spread out story wider, in the same way a viral social media post attracts people. Small businesses already have small advertising budgets, and referrals help them find new customers in the community cheaply and effectively. Not only that, it’s a way to build trust with new clients and customers. They aren’t hearing a rather biased set of lines filled with outlandish promises from a stranger – they’re hearing it from the people whose opinion they trust most!


If you love what we do, tell friends, family, business partners, even strangers on the Internet. We’d love to get to know them and make a piece they’ll treasure forever. Regardless of what you say, we also like to let our furniture do the talking!


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