Outdoor Custom Furniture Ideas

Are you looking to personalize your backyard space? It can be hard to find furniture that not only looks beautiful in the great outdoors but stands up to the elements and has a completely unique look and feel. Luckily, the WoodOnSteel team specializes in making completely unique furniture, and we can put together the backyard furniture of your dreams.

Before your next summer BBQ, impress your guests and make the most out of your back deck or patio by bringing these custom furniture ideas to life!

Custom Backyard Bar Furniture

A bar top is one of the best pieces of furniture you could add to your backyard. A great backyard bar can be an easy setup: plan out some space, set up small counter support, and the top is made from a large slab of real wood. Keep the live edges intact to preserve that outdoor chic. Like all our furniture, we can stain and seal it so that the rain, snow, heat and cold do not damage the wood. What other bar elements you include – a sink, bar fridge, shelves for your bar glasses – is completely up to you!

Custom Furniture Benches

Benches are a great way to add not just seating, but an entirely new feel to your outdoor living area. Pick the right wood and paint, and you can completely change the atmosphere: rustic, modern, modern-rustic, vintage, deep outdoors… whatever your look, it’s the perfect accent piece. You can put the bench directly in your garden for decoration, or to set up a quiet place for coffee and contemplation.


Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

If you’ve found some delightfully original barn board or other reclaimed wood with character, add it to your deck by building an accent wall or barrier. This will give your backyard some privacy or much-needed shade during the hottest months of the year, letting you enjoy summer with ease. Reclaimed wood will often have a unique color and texture, and we can preserve either one or both when setting it up for you!

Backyard Sofa Designs

Why sit on uncomfortable patio chairs when you could put up your feet in style? Whether it’s reclaimed wood from old pallets or some natural hardwood, putting together a backyard sofa is easy and something no one will be able to replicate. For comfort, take those throw pillows you don’t have space for, or buy some new ones that fit the style you’re going for.

Custom Centre Table

Wooden tables don’t need to stay in the kitchen or living room, and you don’t have to settle for those glass tops with the umbrellas in the center. You can relax around a low table on your back deck or patio, made from real London area wood and stained to get the color you’re looking for. We can even add original elements like stones and succulents, making it more than just a table – it’s an art piece! Reach out and let us know about your custom design ideas.


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