New Trends in Live Edge Furniture

As makers of live edge furniture, we’re always looking for new ideas to make original pieces that will wow our customers. As furniture makers who love working closely with customers, it’s important that the people who come to us for live edge furniture share our passion for turning a piece of nature into something beautiful.


Raw Look

Live edge furniture is very popular these days, because it brings the texture and feel of the great outdoors into a living space. But what’s becoming increasingly popular is the use of the shapes of the tree beyond the edge. Large sections of the trunk and stump are being used as tables, making use not just of the natural look of the tree but also the structure of it, too.


These very raw pieces look great in a wide variety of atmospheres and spaces, but we think they’re perfect for the living room.


The Live Edge Bar

Go to any hip new spot in your area and you’ll probably be sitting at a live edge bar top. It’s not hard to see why – they are super impressive, and despite their popularity, they all have a unique look you won’t see anywhere else.


The live edge bar is creeping into people’s homes now, too! It makes a great surface for basement bars, kitchen counters,


Cutting and Serving Boards


These types of cutting boards bring an artisanal, handcrafted look to your kitchen, not least because they actually are artisanal and handcrafted! More and more people are using live edge serving boards, too, adding a rustic chic to their charcuterie boards. There’s no reasons to limit the modern rustic look to one section of the house, so little pieces can really add some class to any design scheme!


Reclaimed Wood


This is a really cool one, because you’re using the color, texture, and size of wood made for something else – be it barn siding or pallets – and recycling it. Reclaimed wood is an awesome trend that has a number of cool uses, from furniture to wall décor, all of which make any space typify the “modern rustic” look.


If any of these ideas pique your interest, come to us! We’ll work with you to make an original piece that really works with your living space and décor. Let your imagination run wild!



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