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Must-Have Garden Furniture Pieces For The Summer Season

Clients love our indoor furniture, but did you know that live-edge, natural wood furniture is perfect for the garden, too? Make the livin’ easy this summer with these must-have furniture ideas for your favourite garden space! 

An Outdoor Dining Table

Garden parties will never be the same once you add a live-edge dining table to your backyard! It’s the perfect addition to the patio, but you can move it onto the lawn for a dreamy dinner. To keep it in good condition, we protect the live edge wooden slab with a good water sealer. This will maintain the natural look and grain of the wood, but be sure to have the coat reapplied every few years (at least) to maintain its strength.

A Backyard Picnic Table

No backyard is complete without a picnic table. These make for great surfaces for any activity you want to take outdoors, from eating to colouring. Using pieces of live-edge wood for the tabletop is one thing, but using this type of wood for the benches can make the ultimate picnic table. Another great material to think about using is some reclaimed barn board!

To protect the wood from the sun and rain, we would use multiple coats of an exterior finish. This would shield your new picnic table – or any garden furniture piece – from both UV rays and moisture.

A Custom-Made Garden Bench Or Swing

Immerse yourself in your garden space with a unique wooden bench, either on four legs or held up by rope. With the right water sealer and paint, a natural wood bench or swing can stand up to the elements. Whether it’s under a tree or in the middle of your flowers, this seat will help you commune with nature in a way you’ve never experienced before.

A Backyard Bar Top

What’s growing in your garden – mint, basil, and cilantro? Maybe some berries? You’ve got a cocktail garden! So pull up a barstool right by your favourite herb or fruit, pick a sprig for flavour or garnish, and muddle yourself a mojito! It’ll help if you have an outdoor bar top to make the mixology a little easier. All you need is a great live-edge slab of wood and some supports. Build it on your patio, or design a pull-down bar for that ideal spot right next to your garden!

Wooden End Tables

If you’re lounging about and enjoying a cocktail and a book on a lovely summer’s day, where do you put your cold drink down? On a natural wooden end table, of course! A small end table will make the perfect surface for the places where level surfaces are hard to come by – on the lawn, in the garden, or by the pool. 

Have we sparked your imagination? Even if you’ve never seen something on this list in our studio, the outdoor piece of your dreams can become a reality when you bring your idea to the Wood On Steel team. We always look forward to new creations!


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