Modern Rustic Chic – Natural & Clean Design

Modern rustic is a very popular style, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a combination of two styles, using raw materials and clean designs, and this gives it a timeless feel.


Of course, every design trend thinks it’ll be “timeless.” But whereas a lot of past trends used many, at the time contemporary colors and materials (think 70’s orange shag carpet), modern rustic uses natural materials, keeps them looking natural, and sticks with subtle color and clean lines. Even if your furniture style changes, a modern rustic furniture piece can still keep its main elements that fit with many design options.


Modern Rustic Weddings


The modern rustic look is especially felt in wedding planning. Raw, wooden tables and seating, country farmhouses, BBQ, and a combination of natural and minimalist artificial lighting can provide a rural, natural aesthetic to that special day. It’s a gorgeous way to get back to nature, make the most out of wide spaces and fresh air, and make the reception one to remember.


It’s also very popular! Barn-style wedding venues are hard to come by already, and now a lot of those types of locations are being snatched up well in advance of the date. It goes to show that modern rustic is a trend not only with staying power – it’s agreeable to all ages!


The Rustic Kitchen


Now that the wedding’s over, it’s time to focus on your home! It’s the kitchen that might be the area to focus on – it’s a place where modern gadgets and familial bonds as old as you have come together. Large tables, custom countertops, benches, and chairs, using natural woods with minimal treatment, can all work with any appliance design, lighting scheme, or flooring option.



As the centerpiece for your modern rustic kitchen, nothing looks better than a harvest or dinner table with a live edge top. Live edge tables keep the natural ins and outs of the tree they’re made from, and it can be the final piece to your modern rustic kitchen puzzle. They can be truly impressive gathering places and can last endless remodeling’s.


The Open Concept Home


Modern rustic is the kind of style that adapts really well to open concept floor plans. Rural areas are all about wide open spaces, and an open concept home can really mimic the countryside in this way – not dissimilar to the farmhouse setting of the modern rustic wedding style we discussed earlier.

It allows for larger tables, benches, and countertops, and really uses the unified theme to the max. Pieces in the kitchen or dining rooms can accent the living room, and vice versa. It can bring the entire home together and create a cozy living space.




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