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Live Edge Shelving: Three Must-Have Pieces

Shopping for shelves can be so boring. Stores only have so many different options, they all look the same, and none of the choices fits the space you have. So why not have them custom-made with live edge wood? These kinds of shelves are beautiful, strong, and can be made for any space, even for bare walls!

If you’re lacking enough surfaces for the stuff in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, a custom-built live-edge shelf is a perfect solution. Here are three must-have pieces of live-edge shelving for any home.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves turn empty walls into a great place to show off your books, plants, and other things while keeping them off the floor. This kind of shelf “floats” thanks to the concealed mounting hardware, keeping the clunkier parts of regular shelves out of your aesthetic. Even though you can’t see the mounts, a properly-installed floating shelf isn’t going anywhere.

When made from live-edge wood, floating shelves make a handsome addition to the kitchen, living room, and any part of your home done up in the modern rustic style. By adding them to any room, you’ll free up space on the floor for things you need close at hand or use it to display your favorite items.

Live Edge Shelving With Antique (Or Antique-Looking) Supports

Sometimes the mounting keeping up your shelves can become a part of your home’s décor, too! The supports or brackets you choose can enhance your live edge shelving rather than only support it physically.

The best pairing for real, live edge wood is metal. For instance, distressed-looking iron brackets affixed to the bottom of a live edge slab of wood is the ideal accessory. You can also use the elbow sections of old (or, again pipe.

Bar Shelving

Your cocktail supply could use some support. Live edge shelves will look right at home behind the bar, and what comes out of our workshop is strong enough to hold all your bottles and glasses. Because we only use wood harvested from the London area, it’s also a great way to add some local flavor to your parties! If you can’t install a live-edge bar top, these shelves are the next best thing.

Live edge shelving is simple enough for us to make; we only need to know the length, width, and style of your desired shelf! The more information we have, the happier you’ll be with the final product, so be as detailed as possible. If you want a floating shelf, how we accommodate those brackets will be different than how we make it fit for iron piping supports. For bar shelving, if you have an alcove or set-up already in place, just give us the dimensions and how they stay in place – all you have to do is replace the existing shelves with a live-edge upgrade!

We love working closely with our clients, but we can’t talk face-to-face right now. If you want to add a live-edge shelf to your home, you can still get in touch with us over email or phone!


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