How Live Edge Furniture Moves Your Design Style Up Four Levels!

When redesigning a room, it’s important to find a piece of furniture that both stands out and works with the overall design of the room. The piece has to be unique and impress anyone who comes through while being practical and perfect for the space and function of the room. Live edge furniture is made to do both.


It is guaranteed to upgrade any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. It’s the perfect way to make your living space as amazing as possible. Here are four reasons why live edge furniture takes any design idea to the next level.


1. Live Edge Furniture Is Original


You won’t find pieces like these anywhere. Live edge isn’t mass-produced and packed on an assembly line. It’s taking a unique piece of wood and crafting something unique out of it. The wood comes from recycled and reclaimed materials from many different sources, and all these infuse unparalleled creativity into the furniture.


Trees are all distinctive, and so is live edge furniture. The style becomes something no one else can find, and when you sit down at your table or bar, you’ll know it’s unlike anything you’ll see anywhere.


2. It’s Green


The wood we use to make our furniture all comes from London and the surrounding area. The pieces use only local materials, and Rustix always recycles trees and wood from barns and pallets. This way, the style of your room reflects an environmentally aware lifestyle and becomes something you can feel great about.


Live edge pieces replicate the outdoors in a very subtle, very distinct way. The tables, chairs, bar stools, and bar counters incorporate the unpredictability of nature, and like every tree, they will be different. Not just in the grain or design of the wood, but in the actual shape and style of the furniture.



3. It’s Rustic Chic


Live edge pieces will define any room you’re redecorating in the rustic chic mode. This fashionable decorum is pretty much made by live edge furniture, and this type goes far to remaking your kitchen, living room, or bedroom in a rural, open country feel.


Not only is this because of the natural look of the pieces; it’s because the furniture is actually made from reclaimed wood. The look is kept as woodsy as possible to reflect a rustic vibe. The simplicity, rawness, and charm of live edge furniture make it an enduring style that accommodates any style changes, too.


4. It’s You


Because live edge furniture is custom made, it’s made to the dimensions and style that you want. It takes time to craft these unique pieces – usually around three weeks – and in that time we get to known you and reflect everything you want in the furniture.


You’re not browsing a store and settling for furniture that might work. You are having something made, to reflect the exact room you’re remodelling. You are incorporating yourself into the furniture itself, too. Visitors won’t be able to copy or match it, and that’s something to be proud of.


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