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The Art of Live Edge Furniture

Live Edge furniture is becoming increasingly popular and is beginning to pop up in all sorts of stores.  Almost everybody loves the look of live edge furniture but not many people know just how much work goes into a single piece of the live edge furniture. The authentic furniture is more expensive than the cheaper mass-produced furniture made with a “live edge look” but it is definitely worth it.


What Makes Our Company’s Art Authentic?


Our company spends its full time and effort making the best piece of live edge furniture that you can get. WoodOnSteel furniture is unique and made from 100% local wood harvested by the city of London. Our furniture is held to the highest of standards in Ontario. All of our materials, including fabricated metals, are found locally. We create everything from tables to desks, and will cater to any custom order!


WoodOnSteel or Big Box Stores?


Since the rise in popularity of live edge furniture, big box stores have started to sell this it too. Unfortunately, some of the stores selling it are not actually 100% authentic.  The furniture made by mass production may be a cheaper product, but it’s not the authentic live edge furniture that we design.  When you purchase a product from WoodOnSteel you are supporting both local businesses, as well as the environment. The wood used in our furniture would have alternatively just been burned away and not been put to good use.


With WoodOnSteel furniture you will not be disappointed.  Purchasing a cheaper variety will result in “you get what you pay for”.  Our artwork is authentic and built high quality.


Creating Live Edge Furniture


Building Live Edge furniture is a lengthy matter. You must source your materials and build the product unique to the customer’s needs.  There are many different colors, styles, and materials for them to decide from.  When done by WoodOnSteel , the job is done right.


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