Incorporating Live Edge Wood Into Your Next Event Aesthetic

No two live edges are alike, and the same goes for good parties. It’s why everyone should consider bringing in live edge wood pieces to their events! Whether you’re a party planner, an event space, or even a homeowner with a flair for parties, here’s how live edges can work with the aesthetic of your next special occasion!

The Live Edge Harvest “Centerpiece”


One way to achieve a well-planned, consistent look for your event is to have a showstopper around which to decorate the rest of the space. A live edge focal point brings the added benefit of character and warmth to what otherwise would be a very formal affair, while not looking out of place.

For example, the rural, rustic-chic look is still in for weddings (and, let’s be honest, probably won’t ever go away). People continue to love the look of reclaimed barnboard, naked bulbs, and open concept rooms. If this is the aesthetic you’re going for, use a live edge harvest table as a surface area for greeting guests and dropping off gifts as they enter the venue. It can also act as the head table for the wedding party!


How To Incorporate Live Edge Slabs To An Outdoor Event

The modern rustic look is perfect for an outdoor event, too, but keeping the aesthetic of an open-air party consistent can be challenging. Whether it’s a wedding, garden party, or large family get-together, outdoor events bring more than just a wide mix of people together: they bring a wide mix of furniture together, too. From folding tables to lawn chairs to camping coolers, the furniture at an outdoor event is often out of the party planner’s hands. 

Luckily, natural wood doesn’t restrict itself to one style or aesthetic! If a party inevitably combines different furniture aesthetics, using a live edge wood piece of modern furniture will be the bridge that unites everything.

A live edge table can also handle the unique pressures of the outdoors. Apart from the amazing contours of the wood, people love and trust live edge wood because it’s strong. A slab of live edge wood is typically very thick, and when properly finished, it stays solid despite the weather. You don’t have to be afraid to use a live edge wood harvest table as the centerpiece of your outdoor event, but if rain is in the forecast, do keep it under a tent or covering.


Make The Bar Tops Live Edge

What’s a party without a bar top? Even if the event is a dry one, the hosts are still going to serve drinks! One excellent way to incorporate live edge wood into an event space is to make a live edge surface for the bar. For buildings that host events, the wood can be custom-sized to your existing bar, 

As mentioned above, live edge wood isn’t restricted to one room style. Even if you do nothing else to the event space, the bar will look impressive, and it could give the party host or planner something to decorate around a la the “centerpieces” we discussed earlier!

If you’re an event host or planner who wants to add the unique aesthetic of live edges to your party repertoire, please get in touch with us! WoodOnSteel can make a custom live edge surface for you, whether it’ll be the focal point of one venue or will need to travel with your party-planning team.


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