How To Work With Us To Create A Piece Of Heirloom Furniture

One of the best kinds of heirlooms to inherit is furniture. Heirloom furniture is functional, it’s stylish, and it’s usually made from solid wood. It’s the perfect melding of material and craftsmanship, and with WoodOnSteel Studio, you can have a hand in creating the perfect piece to pass down to the next generation – and many generations after!

What Goes Into Heirloom Furniture? 

Good, heirloom-worthy furniture starts with good, solid wood. We select and work with only the finest slabs of local London wood, but the wood choice is also where you can start creating your ideal piece of furniture, too. Our area has so many great types of wood – maple, walnut, and pine are the most common in our shop – and your choice depends upon what look you want. Walnut is strong, heavy, and very dark; pine is lighter, both in color and sturdiness; and maple is in between the two. We dry the wood in a large kiln to ensure that the moisture content of the wood lowers to a stabilizing point, keeping its strength for the long term.


The look of your wood also depends on the stain you choose. You can go with a stains that can bring new life to duller-looking wood and highlight the grains, or a natural finish without stain or dye to preserve an already impressive piece. Whatever you choose, we use materials that are safe to touch and won’t give off toxic fumes. If you want to create a super unique heirloom piece that captures the style of our era, you can also work with us to create a waterfall table with the plastic resin color of your choice, too!

We also treat the wood with natural oils so that the wood, regardless of what you choose, stands up to the temperatures and humidity of your home. Once you’ve made the selections that you prefer, we get to work, squaring off the wood, straightening it, putting it all together, and preserving all the natural features you want kept on the wood.

Why Make Heirloom Furniture?

Heirloom furniture is more than just nice furniture: it tells a story. WoodOnSteel Studio furniture will already have a piece of your hometown built right into it, telling an almost secret tale through its grains and contours all about how it grew up in the Forest City. But when our clients help make it, they put themselves in the story, too, and they can help make something like a table that is exactly what they want.

Heirloom furniture used to be about finding a sturdy table, chair, dresser, or the like, a piece that wasn’t just functional, but could last more than one generation. They were handcrafted, but the buyer would rarely tell the craftsman what they wanted. WoodOnSteel helps you make the furniture much more personal without sacrificing the strength of it, and you’ll be much more honored to pass it down!


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