How To Set A Christmas Dinner Table That Will Wow Your Guests


Now that Thanksgiving is complete – apologies to any readers coming from the States – you can start thinking about the next big season of festive gatherings. Christmas is the ultimate family holiday, and if this year is the first time you’re welcoming people in a long time, may we suggest going all out at the table? 

Setting a Christmas dinner table that will wow your guests is simple – all you need is a little time. Luckily, we’re putting our guide in your stocking a little early this year!

Choose Your Courses


Before planning your dinner table, you’ll need to know how many courses are on your menu! It determines the location (and amount) of the dinnerware. Put the plate for the main course at the center of the setting, then stack the starter plate and soup bowl on top. 

Once you have the appetizers, entrees, and desserts planned, think about the layout: 

  • Put the dinner plate in the middle of the placemat
  • Lay the napkin to the left of the plate
  • Place the fork on the napkin
  • Place the knife closest to the plate on the right, blade pointing in
  • Place the spoon to the right of the knife

If more than one knife, fork, and spoon are necessary, arrange the cutlery in the order your guests will use them (i.e. first course on the outside, working inward). 

The placement of your napkin does depend on the intricacy of your folds! If it’s simple, keep the napkin on the left; if you have side plates for bread, place it on this. If you plan on performing some hardcore napkin origami, though, make your effort the centerpiece of every place setting!


Have A Unifying Theme


We know, we know – Christmas is always the theme of your Christmas dinner. But a unified color scheme or theme will give the table the wow factor for which you’re looking! Starting with a simple base, such as a plain table cloth or runner, work with a handful of tones: frosted pastels, Scandia red and white, or copper, silver and burgundy are all on-trend combinations this Christmas.

You can use the prevailing interior decorating trends to make a memorable setting, even if the rest of your home is decidedly not in-trend. For example, this year, organic and natural décor is in! Keep your Christmas table looking elegant yet effortless by playing with earth tones and gold complements. You can even enhance the traditional red-and-green with raw materials like wicker accessories and wooden-handled cutlery.


Tie It All Together With A Centerpiece


Christmas centerpieces are often easier to put together than their Thanksgiving counterparts. Festive accents like wreaths, seasonal flowers like poinsettias, and candlesticks fit together perfectly. You might have the right ingredients in your home already! 

Candles are an easy yet effective addition for more Christmas magic – try using pillar candles for their sturdiness. You’ll easily be able to find them in many colors complementary to your theme!


Don’t Hold Off On Setting The Perfect Christmas Dinner Table Until The Last Minute!


When you want to dress your table for Christmas success, don’t start any later than the night before. You’ll have plenty of time to track down any of your seasonal cutlery and plates, check that glasses are clean, and stay on your guard should your mother-in-law arrive a little early. It’s also good advice if you need an incredible harvest table on which to make your setting – get the ideal shape and size while you can!

Before everyone sits down to eat, make sure you share your carefully arranged table with your social media friends! Take a quick pic for Instagram, and if you happen to be enjoying a holiday meal on a WoodOnSteel table, make sure to link us – we want to see your handiwork!


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