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How To Match Your Dining Room Decor To A Live Edge Table

In any dining room, the table is the most dominant feature. The elements around it – the chairs, wall colours, lighting fixtures, and more – have to be chosen with this big piece of furniture in mind. Luckily, it isn’t hard to find pieces that go hand-in-hand with a live edge table! 

Here are five pieces of advice to help you get your decorating started before the table takes its place in your dining room.


Complement And Contrast

You can complement and contrast the decor with your live edge table. For example, let’s say you have a live edge dining table made of light wood and finished with a brighter stain. This would look great either with complementary colours like white upholstery or vibrant accent pieces. You could also choose to highlight the grains and make the table look brighter by surrounding it with dark green, blue, or black.

Even when choosing contrasts, find pieces that have some element that matches your live edge table. By “common,” we don’t mean they all have to be the same: the elements can include formality, style or shape. For example, choose curvy forms over clean lines (this goes well with the contours of the table edge, too!). 


Know Your Undertones

It’s common for a dining room to have various pieces made from natural wood. It could be your hardwood flooring, your chairs, or a bookshelf. Whatever the case, if you’re looking to decorate around your new table, get to know your colour temperatures, better known as undertones. If you’re looking at other woods, choose ones that share the same undertone as your table when possible. 

You can detect an undertone by focusing on the palest tone in the grain or looking at the piece from a distance so that it appears as a single shade. Warm undertones will look red, orange, or yellow, cool colour temperatures have a greyish appearance, and neutral undertones are more of a beige. If in doubt, choose neutral undertones: you can mix them with warm, cool, and other neutral woods and finishes.


Add Eye-Catching Light Fixtures

One of the best kinds of accent pieces to match with your live edge table is antique (or antique-looking) light fixtures. The vintage look of brass, raw iron, and Edison bulbs go well with a classy hardwood dining or harvest table. Just make sure that the wiring is modern!


Use The Table To Mix Up Your Formal Dining Room

If your dining room is the picture of sleek sophistication, then there’s no need to change a thing: the live edge table will look right at home! The natural charm of the live edges contrasts well with formal, upholstered dining chairs. The sleek iron legs on Wood On Steel live edge dining tables also add a nice bit of industrial style!


You Can Match Your Table To Your Décor!


Unsure of how to redecorate for your specific room? We make custom pieces for such an occasion! Take a sample piece of the finished wood you’re eyeing home with you. This will let you see how the table will look among natural lightning, next to the painted walls, against your flooring, etc. Once you’re satisfied, you can commit to the type of wood and the colour of the finish!


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