How To Make A Statement With Office Furniture

How an office looks says a lot about how a business is run. Whether you’re a small business with big dreams or a corporation with big clientele, the office furniture on and around which everyone sits, from the bottom to the top, can determine what kind of work environment you have.

If you’re sitting on squeaky chairs, wobbly tables, and too-small-for-comfort desks, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Take a look around and see what needs to be done. To get the ideas flowing, ask yourself a simple question: What kind of statement do I want to make?

The Big First Impression Applies To Custom Office Furniture

Small businesses can be at a disadvantage when it comes to wowing new clients or investors. We know you do your job as well as the people in large glass towers, but you have to convince others to think the same way. You’ve got the pitch ironed out to perfection, the handshake is firm, the numbers have been crunched and re-crunched. You have this in the bag! Does your office’s custom furniture tell the same story?

First impressions are often the sum of many parts, and the aesthetics of your office can work with your business persona to create the best one. The custom furniture you choose is a great way to create a statement for incoming clients. The reception desk, workstations, meeting tables – any custom built furniture made from real wood can all instantly radiate “we got this” to anyone walking through. They’ll create the right aura of professionalism, letting you focus on getting down to business.

Inspiring Creativity With Live Edge Office Furniture

Those clients are in your pocket and business is good. Are your employees feeling it? For anyone in creative fields, you know that feeling relaxed and comfortable is essential to feelings of inspiration. It’s why so many of us get outside and try and find new environments in which to work – offices can easily become stifling! This is especially true if you’re locked in a cubicle at a desk that is far too small for your body and ideas.

Furniture can make a lasting statement of inspiration for the creative types in the office. The right pieces, finished the right way, can make an atmosphere conducive to outside-the-box thinking by reflecting the headspace of right-brain thinkers. Live edge table tops that have preserved natural features can make for the perfect surfaces around which to toss ideas around and get the team working together. You’re bringing in a little piece of the outdoors and all the lovely feelings it inspires! But speaking of teamwork…

Big Team Players Need Custom Furniture

Putting together the right team for your office isn’t all about hiring the right people. Much of a team’s success can rely on the workplace, and a space that makes “teamwork” its defining statement, can go far. This is especially true if you’re doing all your marketing and communication in-house: your team needs to be in direct communication with each other, but have their own space to work on individual assignments.

An improper layout and small workstations can block your team from one another. Make sure they have the space they need to work as a team by getting live edge office furniture. Large meeting tables, perfectly sized workstations, and a free-flowing atmosphere can really perfect the ideas you need to succeed. Call WoodOnSteel and we can start planning your idea for custom live edge office furniture in your business (today)!


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