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How To Incorporate A Bench Into Garden Decor

You work so hard on your garden every year and are rewarded with a beautiful palette of colours and flavours. Improve how you enjoy the fruits and flowers of your labour by adding a seat next to (or right in) your garden! 

Benches give you a new way to enjoy your garden. One made from natural or reclaimed wood can make an outdoor spot much more comfortable and relaxing while adding some aesthetic pleasure to your property! Here’s how you can include one in your domestic landscape.

What Type Of Bench Do You Want? 

You might think this is a silly question, but you don’t have to use a garden bench for sitting. They can be completely ornamental, and many gardeners place them among the plants as flower box holders, to support bird feeders, or to go with other garden decorations. If you’re looking for this kind of decorative bench, set it back in the flowers so that it’s not mistaken for an actual seat. 

For those who want a working seat, you can have it customized to your heart’s content – we’ll have to make it strong enough to support some butts though!

How Do You Enjoy Your Garden?

Once you have the bench you want, the next step is to pick an ideal spot for it. As with a lot of things, this comes down to location, location, location. A lot of gardens are peripheral to the lawn or other parts of the property. If this is the case for you, try and place the bench where the bed stops and your lawn begins. If you have a larger plot, you can set the seat further into it to immerse yourself among your flowers!

The bench doesn’t have to be in or next to the garden because the ideal spot is wherever you can best enjoy your garden. If you like to gaze on the colours from a distance, you can set your new wooden seat on your lawn or patio.

Make Sure The Wood Is Protected!

Placing a bench in a garden space is much different from placing it outdoors. If you’ve decided to enjoy your garden complete with a wide sky and bright sun, your bench will more open to the elements, with all the moisture, mud, and insects that come with it. 

Of course, any wood that is going to stay outside needs some extra TLC. Take the bench indoors after the gardening season is complete and have it refinished every year or two to keep it in the best condition possible. We’ll stain and seal any wood we use to make sure it stands up to the elements!

Your garden can be so much more than colours and veggies – it can be the ideal spot for reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, or getting outside for more fresh air. A gardener’s work is never truly done, but a lovely wooden Wood On Steel bench can make the times between plantings and prunings much more pleasant!


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