How To Create A Cool Office Culture With Custom Furniture


Happy employees are more productive and stay with the company longer. It makes sense that the furniture employees use every day – the desk they sit at, the table they meet around, the surface on which they enjoy lunch – directly impacts their happiness. 

Upgrading workstations and shared spaces are a way employers and office managers can create a cool office culture. Making office furniture updates with custom furniture only strengthens this culture, transforming the attitude of your workers for enhanced productivity. Here’s how!

Custom Furniture Can Be Made To Fit Your Office Layout


What’s your ideal office layout? Do you have open workspaces that blend shared space, or do you prefer cubicles and offices for individual focus? The former can create a sense of connection and creativity among employees; the latter is helpful for focused collaboration and privacy. 

No matter your office layout, custom furniture will meet the needs of both your space and your employees. You won’t have to force prefabricated furniture to fit your preferred office space – the custom tables and desks can be made according to the layout of your dreams!


Have Departments Submit Their Design Preferences


Because custom furniture is something that starts with your mind, let the different departments and groupings tell you what they prefer! If you group office areas by department, they can design the desks and tables themselves. After all, the workers are the ones who will be using the custom furniture – they should have a say in what will function best for them.

For example, you can include desks that adapt to the work and activities of modern employees. More are feeling the effects of sitting for lengthy periods, often quite literally: they’re feeling it in their backs, shoulders, and necks. Some of your team members may even maintain higher energy levels – and better productivity – when they can stand. 

To avoid the effects of poor ergonomics, more employees are choosing sit-stand desks that assume their preferred positions while working. A Sit-Stand Desk uses Autonomous features to change to a standing workstation with the help of a dual-motor system. Employees can even program in their favourite positions so that the desk reaches their preferred height at the touch of a button!


Brand Your Space


Custom furniture can tell visitors, stakeholders, and potential customers what your office culture is all about. Look around your office: have you captured the culture or the one you’re working to develop? Furniture can help, especially when it’s custom-made.

Your desks and tables can also tell visitors who you are! Furniture made for your office adds a personal touch and can amp up your working space.

Some ways you can assist the furniture in reflecting your brand include painting your walls the corporate colour scheme and selecting art pieces that reflect the culture you want to foster.


Create Better Shared Spaces


Culture isn’t something you can dictate – it emerges from how people at all corporate levels participate. You can use shared spaces to reinforce the collaborative aspects of the company culture, developing a relaxing environment to help your employees take a break and give room for creativity.

Lounge areas are the perfect way to promote creativity and social interaction. It’s a no-work zone where employees have a chance to get away from their desks, relax with a hot drink, and catch up with each other on their breaks. Custom live edge coffee tables made with natural wood will make this space more inviting!

The best way to create a warm, welcoming office environment is to steer your culture in the right direction. The design choices you make can foster positive attitudes and encourage productivity.



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