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How High-Quality Furniture Can Save You Money

Saving money isn’t about paying less for something now; it’s about paying less over time. Paying for cheap stuff, whether it’s footwear, clothes, or a vehicle, might keep your wallet a bit heavier in the short term, but you’ll just be drawing out the spending into the future. Buying something of quality can actually save you money and make for a much better, much less frustrating experience. Tables, chairs, and countertops are no exception, and high-quality furniture can save you money big time!

Buying Quality Saves You Money In The Long Run

Let’s start with something that requires a smaller commitment: boots. You went out and bought an inexpensive pair of boots – not the best, but what seems like the best purchase at the time. Let’s say they’re $100, as opposed to the more expensive $150 pair of boots. You saved money now, you have a pair of boots, it’s a win-win, right? But after wearing them consistently for a year, the sole starts to peel off, the seams start to split, and your feet get sopping wet the next time it rains. They were inexpensive because they were cheaply made, so a year later you have to buy another pair; the person who bought the $150 pair is still wearing them two or three years into the future, saving themselves from having to buy another $100 pair.

If this scenario sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a theory put forward in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. The character’s theory goes that people can’t save when they purchase the inexpensive option, and this keeps people perpetually spending money they don’t have. What goes for boots is true for furniture, too, and buying high-quality furniture saves you money by making your one purchase last a much longer time.


Spend Wisely on Furniture

When buying furniture, you have to think about what you’re buying it for. You’re getting a table for your home, your family, your social life, everything you want to keep around for a long time. Furniture should be part of the “keep it for life” philosophy, and it’s amazing we’ve let ourselves think of furniture as disposable. Because of how expensive it can be, you’ll only want to buy one kitchen or coffee table, and hold onto it wherever you go.

The price is one aspect, but you also have to consider what makes great furniture last even if you move. High-quality furniture also lasts longer because it also goes with more settings. If you move to a new home, a table made with exceptional materials will look great in your new surroundings.

We believe WoodOnSteel is the type of furniture that lasts. Handcrafted with only the best local wood and finished to preserve its strength, our furniture is going to be with you as long as you want it. But because the furniture made with only real, strong materials that keep their natural features, you’ll definitely want it wherever you go. Make the right choice with furniture – it’ll save you so much money! And of course, call WoodOnSteel today to find out more about custom high-quality furniture.


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