How Do You Commission A Custom Furniture Project?

Are you having trouble finding the exact piece for your home or office? Many concepts, techniques, and materials are either impractical or unavailable for large manufacturers, but that’s where local furniture makers like Wood On Steel come in! 

Commissioning a custom piece of furniture is a fun process! Here’s what goes into the process and how the Wood On Steel team works with our clients to bring their ideas to life.

Come Up With An Idea

All commissions begin with a great idea. First, a client must look at their needs and wants for a piece of furniture or accessory: is it a small gift, an accent for your bedroom, or do you need a statement table or decorative piece for your living, dining, or bedroom? Elaborating on the details can help us give you the furniture project you want. The potential of an idea can be incredibly exciting, and we want to meet this excitement!

Remember: the result will last for many generations, becoming an heirloom rather than something to replace after five or ten years of use. With this in mind, set a budget for yourself, using other prices and the view that you won’t need to buy furniture to replace it for a very long time – maybe even ever!


Designing The Piece

Next comes reaching out to Wood On Steel. When clients ask us about a specific piece, idea, or want something special to fill a space in their home or business, the note-taking beings. We will do a quick sketch of the initial concept based on what you can tell us about your idea: shape, size, material, etc. 

Once we have sketched out the furniture project, we can ballpark an estimate based on the parameters, work time, and necessary materials for completing it. If you have a budget in mind, tell our team in a call or email. If your idea will butt against or shoot past this budget, we can suggest options to help you meet this budget. (There are no extra design costs as part of the process!) Contact Wood On Steel now to request a quote!


Wood On Steel Makes Your Commission Happen!

Once you and the maker agree on the design, the price, and how it will be delivered or picked up, we will sign an order form and contract. At no point does the design have to be chiseled in stone at his point, which is one of the best things about commissions. We can often incorporate details and refinements right up until the time we begin the work.

All commissions are a team effort! Wood On Steel always tries to keep your natural-wood furniture project within a specific budget and deliver a quality piece of work that meets our very high standards. Few other purchases rival the anticipation of receiving a commissioned piece of furniture. You are getting something that is not just one-of-a-kind but thought up by you. Wood On Steel makes it easy for you to approach us with your ideas and follow the journey from the first sketch to completion!


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