Halloween Home Decorating

Halloween decorations are one of the best parts of the year. New displays and crazier decorations are being displayed every year. If you’re not sure where to start for Halloween home decorating, here are some tips on how to convert your house into a Halloween themed home!

Pumpkin Sculptures

Pumpkins that don’t go bad are always a great addition for decorating in the house! You can find plastic, wooden or linen pumpkins to arrange around your home. A set of hand-carved pumpkins fits right in when placed inside a rustic home. Try adding a rustic touch to your tablescape with linen pumpkins. You can even try out light-up pumpkins!

Spiderweb Tablecloth 

This tablecloth is a stylish layer that’s great for any Halloween occasion or gathering. This tablecloth can give a great look that can suit any age or theme. You can find this tablecloth online or at your local stores.

Halloween Embroidery or Cross Stitches 

Halloween embroidery or cross stitching’s are great pieces of art that you can display. These pieces of art are usually found on Etsy or craft sites or you can create your own! There are templates available so it can be a great activity to do. You can hang Halloween embroidery or cross stitches with a beautiful frame to create an awesome Halloween art piece.

Ceramic Skull Planters 

If you love Halloween and nature, then you will love this! Ceramic skull planters are getting more popular every Halloween, as they do look phenomenal. You can place any plant or succulent in these spooky skull planters. They can suit any room or theme during the Halloween season!

Tiny Ghost Town 


Matte black spray paint turns craft store birdhouses into an eerie mini landscape. To bump up the creep factor, add oversized spiders, mini pumpkins or other small Halloween accents.


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