Five Ways To Make Your Dog Smile

We love dogs, and we love making dog-friendly furniture almost as much as we love making people-friendly furniture!

Giving your furry friend a comfy bed while letting them be around you more often is one great way to make them smile. Try these other ways, too, and see their happiness soar!

Get Them Out And About

You know how dogs get when they hear or see the leash. No matter how big or small, dogs need lots and lots of exercise to stay both healthy and happy. Take them for regular walks twice a day, and let them roam the backyard (if it’s properly fenced). If you’re stuck at work and can’t give them the outdoor exercise they crave, have a dog walking service do it for you!

Keep Their Minds Active

It’s not just their bodies that need exercise; their minds need stimulation, too! Dogs are very smart (as you know quite well), and if they aren’t using their brains, they can get bored, moody, and even destructive. Think “get in the garbage and chew on furniture” destructive.

New doggy toys are always a treat, so let them just go wild with them, giving them a wide range of activities they can chew on. You can use the toys to play games like hide-and-seek, fetch, tug-of-war – anything to get them active and thinking!

Take Them On Road Trips

Doggy parks and local runs are great for exercise, but even a dog wants a change of scenery now and again. Get in the car and hit up whatever new place would get them excited: the beach, a hiking trail, a new meadow, or even a new path on their daily walk! Of course, always be aware of leash laws and other people or dogs trying to enjoy these spaces.

Let Your Dog Explore

We often think of dog walks as leisure time for ourselves, but your pupper should be getting much more out of it than you! So let them explore, even if it means holding up the walk, and be attentive to what they want to do. Your dog’s sense of smell is so powerful, they’re getting hit with a much more diverse range of scents than we would, and they want to know as much as they can about those scents. It can slow up your walk, so queue up some music or a podcast if you’re worried you might get bored!


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