Five Ways To Support Our Local Business Without Spending a Dime

Support for local businesses doesn’t have to involve the almighty dollar, even for big-ticket purchases like something that might come out of our shop. There are so many ways you can give back to London business community without spending extra money – and that includes WoodOnSteel!

Share What You Like On Social Media

One of the best ways to support us, and other local businesses, without money is to share what you like on social media! This way, more people discover new things and learn more about what they can actually source locally. This especially helps businesses making a product many wouldn’t even consider looking for in the community. A lot of Londoners don’t know that you can get handcrafted furniture made with real local wood until they hear about it from someone they know. The more people who have this in their minds, the better chances they’ll actually look local when they need a new table!

Tell Your Friends

If you want to get real for a second, those mysterious, fleeting “social interactions” – hanging out with people and talking to them physically – are another way to show some love and support our business! We’re being cheeky of course, but telling a friend or family member who’s in the market for a new piece of furniture about us is a great way to share support. Not everyone is on social media!

Support Other Local Businesses

Shopping at locally-owned businesses and buying locally-made products is incredibly important to your neighborhood. The more money that stays local, the more that will be spent locally, too!

Even if you don’t have money to buy a locally-made piece of furniture, any dollar spent locally supports us, too! It’s encouraging when more people visit businesses owned by the people in our neighborhood. A strong local economy will always have positive effects on other businesses, whether it’s a new pizza place or a furniture shop!

Encourage Others To Shop Local

It doesn’t have to be a guilt trip or anything like that. But by extolling the virtues of shopping local to others, you can move them to think differently about their consumer habits. We try to promote and patronize local businesses when and where we can because, without a strong local economy, we wouldn’t be here ourselves!

Leave Positive Reviews

Show your support with positive reviews and encouraging messages. If you’ve commissioned a piece from us, bought a product, or received something from our workshop as a gift, a review of our business on Google, Facebook, and other high-profile places is very much appreciated. They don’t even cost extra!

Of course, it’s only ethical to write a positive review when you actually purchase something from WoodOnSteel, but you can still show the love by showing interest in our stuff! Positive comments, feedback, and other shows of love don’t just make us feel great (though that is true!) – they show others how much people actually appreciate our work. Reach out if you have the urge to learn more about live edge furniture!


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