Five Reasons to Create a Custom Harvest Table with WoodOnSteel

The harvest table is one of the finest pieces of furniture you can add to your home. It’s for more than just eating on – it’s the perfect focal point for hosting dinner parties, playing games, and making tons of food (hey, there’s a reason it’s called a harvest table!). It’s an impressive table that, when made from natural materials, will be welcome in any home. This is just one reason why you should have it custom-made – here are five more!

    1. The harvest table will be built to fit

      • Did we mention that harvest tables are pretty big? To be classified as a “harvest table”, it must be at least six feet long with hinged dropped leaves. They were originally built as the focal point for making food from the harvest, and as such had to accommodate a lot of people.
      • Despite this, the dimensions of your harvest table don’t have to follow a strict guideline – it can be as wide or as long as you need it to be. When you have one built for you, you can determine the size, as you know what will work with your kitchen or dining room. But it’s not the only thing you get to choose!
    2. You choose the materials

      • Custom furniture gives you the power. From the wood to the stain to the legs, you get to choose every part that goes into your finished harvest table. You won’t have to settle for an expensive piece of furniture, that you will then have to pay more to have finished to your liking. We take your input every step of the way, so that what comes out of our workshop is exactly what you want!
    3. It’s local!

      • We’re not just talking about the work. The wood we source and the metal we recycle all comes from the London area. Whether it’s local trees or reclaimed barnboard, there’s greatness in our backyard, and we believe it’s important to tap into this rather than go beyond. It supports the local economy and keeps us going!
      • This makes every harvest table we make as environmentally friendly as possible, too! We source much of what we use for our harvest tables from the City of London’s tree removals. Many furniture options are unsustainable, with the wood traveling thousands of kilometers from ecologically damaging sources. WoodOnSteel doesn’t do that, because we live in the Forest City after all!
    4. It’s unique

      • You’re your own person with your own tastes and personality, so why not choose furniture that reflects you? With every bit of wood coming from a unique source, and your plans followed closely by us, the finished harvest table will be one-of-a-kind, just like you!
    5. It will last a lifetime

      • Furniture shouldn’t be built with planned obsolescence in mind. It has to be built to last, which means proper care has to go into making it. A large harvest table should be made to stick around for generations, not years or decades, and no assembly line furniture will ever have the strength of a custom piece of furniture.

We build harvest tables how our customers want them. When the table is rolled out of our workshop, it’s up to the customer to infuse it with memories and meaning. It’s why we work closely with everyone who comes to our shop with an idea, and make sure what we send them is exactly what they envisioned. If we can make the harvest table of your dreams, we’ve done our job!


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