Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom WoodOnSteel Furniture

It’s no secret that we love our furniture. Every part of the process is amazing – from the wood, to the legs upon which it stands, to the unique plans our customers come to us with – and it’s so cool that we’re able to put our hearts into this awesome job.


But it’s not enough that we love it – we want you to love it too! There are many good reasons why you should buy custom-built furniture from us, but we’ve whittled the list down to five for your reading pleasure.


1. You’ll be supporting inspired entrepreneurs


Our furniture and design studio was established only last year, but in this short time we’ve been able to make and do so much great stuff! Our customers are awesome, and have made the work such a blessing. They’ve let us take our creative visions and run with them, giving us a chance to turn this crazy, creative venture into full-fledged careers!


We try to pass on our inspiration to our customers, working with them to get a sense of what they want and turning the combined efforts into something long-lasting and magical. Art has never really been this functional!



Shopping local isn’t just a good idea – it makes fiscal sense! Spending your hard-earned dollar at locally owned businesses means you’re keeping your money in the community, letting it thrive and grow.


We’ve relied on the good people of London to make our business thrive, and we try to return the favor whenever possible. Consider locally sourced and crafted furniture instead of assembly line stuff from out of town!


3. You’ll be putting London trees to good use


All cities cut down trees, for routine maintenance, infestations, development, etc. Don’t worry, they plant new ones, too, but those removed trees have to be reused somehow. That’s why we use London trees in our live edge furniture, recycling the wood to make awesome furniture. Working with the City, we’re never at a loss for good wood, and that means you’ll never be at a loss for that excellent custom piece of furniture!


We don’t only use locally sourced wood, either – the metal we use for legs and support all comes from London, too! Your dollar stays really close to home when you go with us.


4. You’ll have a say in how the furniture looks


Often times, you have no control over how a piece of furniture will look. This means you’re settling for what’s there instead of meeting the expectations of that vision in your head. You want the kitchen to look this way, but instead you have to go with that table. It can be disappointing!


At WoodOnSteel, we work with you so you get exactly what you want out of a custom piece. We’re pretty sure no big box stores are offering you this chance!


5. You’ll be doing the earth a favor


Remember all that stuff we said about “shopping local” and “recycling wood”? It’s not just good for the community, it’s good for the environment, too! Going with us means no shipping over long distances, no overseas resources removal, and no materials that are flimsy and prone to break quickly. Only recycled materials from local sources. It’s about as green as you could possibly ask for from a piece of furniture!


Of course, we biased. It’s true, we love our tables and chairs more than any other. But we feel there are incredible pros to buying WoodOnSteel furniture, and we just thought you’d ought to know what they are. If you’re convinced, give us a call today!


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