Five Famous People And Their Gorgeous Wooden Furniture

Fame and fortune are not why we here at Wood On Steel got into the handcrafted furniture business (though we wouldn’t say no to either). We have the privilege of doing something we love for a living, and there is no stronger testimony to this than by looking at the number of celebrities who design wood furniture as a side job.

Real wood has an irresistible beauty, so we don’t blame them, and the final products they’ve made are quite lovely. Check them out and see how they stack up against us!

Brad Pitt

Did you know that Wood On Steel is in the same industry as Brad Pitt? Well, it’s more like he’s in the same industry as we are because we actually make our own furniture. But along with eating food on-set, Mr. Pitt has made a hobby in furniture making, and now designs premium tables and desks with luxury maker Pollaro. Pitt-Pollaro has a number of unique-looking pieces in their collection made with real wood (like the table below) and these limited-edition pieces even come signed. Hey, we can sign anything you want with a Sharpie, too!


Marc Anthony

The popular salsa artist stays close to his Caribbean ancestry at his home in the Dominican Republic, and he is known to furnish the place in tropical wood, both inside and out. Teak isn’t easy to find in the London area, though it is a great, durable wood that works both in the living room and by the pool. Apparently, it’s not easy to find in the Dominican Republic either; the table below was sourced from Indonesia. Regardless, it’s a beautiful table that preserves the natural look and texture of the wood, and prove Marc Anthony has exquisite taste. All he’s missing is a Wood On Steel table!



Ellen Degeneres

Ellen’s been in the celebrity interior decorator game for a while now, and she actually likes to flip houses with wife Portia de Rossi. Now she’s into actually designing the furniture she puts into houses, and we have no reason to doubt that her line with American furniture maker Thomasville is actually designed by her. You’ll find a lot of real wood in her line, but we have a leg up – our furniture is designed by you (if you want!).


Terry Crews

He’s an actor, a comedian, a former defensive end with a number of NFL teams, and now, Terry Crews designs furniture? Is there anything he can’t do? This Float Side Table he designed for Bernhardt, inspired by Ancient Egypt, is made with solid walnut and comes in different finishes. While he didn’t make it with his own hands, if he wants to stop by and pitch some ideas, we’d be more than accommodating.


Nick Offerman

While the previous options were quite nice, Nick Offerman (of Parks and Recreation/Ron Swanson fame) is the only one making us nervous. This is because he actually makes the furniture he sells. Offerman and the team at his personal Los Angeles collective, Offerman Wood Shop, make hand-crafted furniture of all shapes and sizes. The table below shows his commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the wood they use, and we feel he’d be right at home in our studio. Ron, er, Nick, you’re hired.




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