Five Interior Design Tips For Pairing Live Edge Furniture With Your Existing Decor


Your live edge table top is so much more than a slab of wood: it’s the focal point of a room, a welcoming place to eat and relax, and even a work of art. Because of this, it’s necessary to think about the existing decor that will sit around your new table!

Here are five interior design tips to consider when pairing your new live edge table with your existing decor!



Tip 1: Consider The Room When Choosing Your Finish


When purchasing a table made from a beautiful slab of wood, allow the grain to shine through by choosing a natural stain or finish. A custom furniture maker can use other materials, mixing in epoxy resin, concrete, metals, and more to add a colorful twist to your live edge table.

As well, think about the light in the room. What’s the natural and artificial lighting situation? Take home a test piece of wood in the stain or finish of your choosing and see how it looks in the light. The look can change depending on where the table sits alongside your existing lamps, overhead lights, and windows. 


Tip 2: Your Base Is Part Of The Design


When pairing a table with your existing decor, remember to consider the base. While it’s not the star, the base must go well with everything. Depending on where it is, you might want to consider keeping it simple so that it doesn’t compete for attention with the real wood top. A sleek base made of metal is a fine way to give the table a more contemporary design; a wood base can make the table a more traditional rustic style.


Tip 3: Consider The Size


Live edge tables can have irregular sizes, but you can have a custom Wood On Steel table made to your specifications. So think outside the box! Make the width a little bigger than what you’d expect for an average dining table. Keep in mind a live edge slab of wood may get more narrow in places, so don’t be afraid to go bigger.


Tip 4: Pair With The Right Chairs


A live edge table is very versatile in style and will pair very well with your mixed-and-matched dining room chairs. But if you’re looking to upgrade the entire decor, choose some chairs that will pair nicely with the natural wood. Upholstered chairs that have brass nailheads and soft curves can give your table a combination of traditional and contemporary styles (called transitional). New leather with metal accents like chrome can give off a contemporary feel. Chairs made with wood, worn leather, and hand-forged iron can also maximize the modern rustic design of your table.


Tip 5: Your Table Is A Piece Of Art – Don’t Clutter It!


When accessorizing, keep in mind that the table itself is a focal point of the room. It’s a work of art, too – not in the sense that we’re making the Mona Lisa (though that’s debatable!), but that the table is a one-of-a-kind design. When placing it in the room, try not to over clutter the space around it. Try hanging a favourite piece of art above the table to draw the eyes to both your new table and the art. 

You can place decorative objects on the table to highlight its place in the room. Again, don’t clutter it: try using succulents in handcrafted ceramic planters down the center, a large ornamental tray, or a sculptural bowl filled with fruit.


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