Decorating Your Home With Distressed Wood Furniture

Distressed wood and reclaimed wood lends a rich, beautiful texture to custom-made furniture. Whether the piece is a dining table or bookcase, using older or discarded wood is a great way to upcycle something into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. If we cannot get our hands on genuine weathered wood, we can always fake it! 


What Is Distressed Wood? 

When furniture companies describe wood as distressed, it means the finish looks weathered and aged. This effect can be a natural result of Mother Nature, or it can be reproduced by hand or through the use of chemicals. The colour and texture of the wood should have just enough imperfections to give the material an ageing and unique character, but it can’t be so distressed that it’s weak and breaking down!

You can rescue naturally distressed wood by bringing it into your home in the form of furniture and accent pieces. The look is the perfect addition, giving your rooms a modern-rustic chic. As we said, the wood should just have the appearance of distress, and the boards themselves should be intact and sound. If they’re in great shape, they are ideal for custom furniture making!


How Can I Decorate My Home With Distressed Wood Furniture?

Distressed furniture, even just one piece of it, is a must-have for any room. Think about the overall environment and visualize the context in which the furniture will live. The distressed aesthetic works with almost any kind of decor, but it will look even more at home alongside vintage metal fixtures, earthy tones, and original artwork. Anything distressed or reclaimed will also look great next to the vibrant greens of real plants. 

The wood for distressed furniture does not have to come from old barn board or fencing, so you don’t have to scour the countryside. The right paint and distressing techniques can replicate whatever age you want! For instance, milk paint – a nontoxic, water-based white paint that got its name from when mixers made it from milk and lime – gives the furniture an antique finish that looks authentically French.

The furniture does not have to be big, either. Distressed accents are ideal smaller additions to rooms. Many people are putting large distressed signs with inspirational quotes on walls to add character, but the accessory does not have to be so high a concept. Strips of distressed wood in varying tones can be made into a piece for above the mantel or as a headboard for your bed to add some texture. 


Are you ready to get started? You don’t need to have the distressed wood on-hand for us to make the furniture of your dreams. Sit down with the Wood On Steel team and describe how you want the furniture or accent piece to look. Our team has worked with real reclaimed barn boards and older hunks of wood to make tables, but we can make TV cabinets, bookshelves, and so much more. We have the expertise to bring it to life, no matter how old the wood is!


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