Live Edge Decor For ThE Exquisite

Lower costs. This may sound odd, but you’ll often find custom made couches cost less than ready-made pieces. Plus, there’s no risk you’ll end up trading in the couch for a piece you like better or simply replacing it altogether. You got exactly what you wanted—one purchase! 

Wooden Decor For The Discerning

The only limit is your imagination.  After making an appointment with our creative team of craftsman, the newest addition to your collection will set any room apart from the mundane.  The custom decor will grow with your lifestyle, being fully adaptable to any room.

Make An Impression With Live Edge Wooden Decor

Whether it be a wall mounted one-of-a-kind custom lumber project to a functional piece adorned by any accent piece.  Think outside the box and dream big. We guarantee that you’ll be the proud owner of something truly timeless.

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