Why Custom Office Furniture May Be Best For Your Home Workstation

Your home office is likely the last place you consider when remodeling your home. It’s a room that has a boring function, and it’s often thought of as he place you want to spend the least amount of time. But whether it’s for your household bills or an actual job, your home office is where some of the most important decisions are made. It’s a valuable space, and should be treated as such!

The home office deserves better than a rickety particle board desk and creaky rolling chair. A custom desk for your home office workstation, built with the space you have and your aesthetics in mind, can turn a home office into a room you will actually love. Here’s why custom live edge furniture is your best bet!

Remaking The Space You Have (Not Always the Space You Want!) with Custom Office Furniture

Remodeling your home office can be an awful challenge. Home offices are seldom built with your job in mind; they’re put in unused bedrooms, extra space in the basement, or a corner of a main room. You often end up making due with furniture that can just fit the space you have, and finding the perfect furniture can be a pain. Sometimes, you’ll just end up in a kitchen table and chair!

The desk choices of office supply stores don’t consider what you’re working with, forcing you to settle. This often leads to cramped conditions and so little desk space that you can barely fit your elbows on the surface, let alone your computer. A custom workstation can be made specifically to your room so that all you can remake your office how you need it.

Fitting Home Office Equipment into Live Edge Furniture Design

Desks are rarely built to handle all your office equipment. You might have moved from a desktop PC to a more compact laptop, but do you have a printer? A scanner? Your papers, pens, paper clips, stapler, etc., etc.? If you work from home, you know all the stuff that just sort of takes over every surface like a massive office supplies blob, and if you’re sharing your office with another room, this blob can slowly take over other spaces.

Everything should have a place, and a custom workstation can provide this. You’ll know what you need and where you want it, and you can communicate this to us when planning out your workstation.

Fall In Love With Your Office Furniture Again


A desk isn’t just any other piece of office equipment; it’s the central hub of your work, and how you feel about it can impact how you feel about your office. Doing any work in an unfriendly environment will hurt your productivity and just make you hate everything. Okay, it sounds like we’re being dramatic, but ask anyone who works in an awful, shabby office – it can seriously affect your mood and outlook!

To make the most of your time in the office, you need to start loving your surroundings, and a new custom workstation will do that for you! A workstation you design yourself melds creativity with functionality into something unique, and in the process will remake your relationship with your office.

WoodOnSteel lets you customize the perfect workstation for all your needs. You can choose the size, wood, stain, functionality, and so much more, and we’ll work with you to ensure that this real wood piece will be exactly to your standards. Come in and work with us today!


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