Custom Commercial Furniture

It can be hard to go into an office that hasn’t changed its aesthetics in years. The same fluorescent lighting, the same squeaky chairs, the same coffee pot. It can make your employees feel they’re in a rut, and the landscape of cheaply laminated desks and stained countertops can hurt productivity.


This is why custom commercial furniture is a must these days. Custom furniture will not only reflect your staff – it can really highlight what makes your company unique, make an impactful initial impression on prospective customers, and set the standard for the high-quality goods or service they’ll receive from you!

The Personal Touch of Custom Furniture


Unique decor items should always be encouraged among your staff.  This lets them feel at home in their workstation and adds personal touches to the environment. As a result, it can increase creativity and productivity. But why stop at the plants or little action figures on their desks? Rather, why not change the desks themselves?


The atmosphere of a business can be enhanced by the choices you make, inspiring employees to do more with passion. Custom commercial furniture helps with these goals, as it lets you make pieces that reflect the size and nature of the space! You can even consult with your staff to see what kind of colors, materials, and sizes they prefer. With only a catalogue of pre-made items, your options will be very limited.


Custom-Made Quality From Office to Service


You control the logo, marketing material, and public image of your company. You should control how your office looks, too! Your office should reflect who you are as a business. If you have furniture that conveys not just your sense of style, but also your work ethic and creativity, you can enhance the workstation not just for employees, potential customers, partners, but everyone coming through your office! Hence, custom-made furniture gives you these options and options you won’t find anywhere else.


Consequently, this is why furniture upgrades are so important. They can transform how you feel about your work and how others perceive the business as a whole. When flipping through an office supply catalogue or browsing a box store website, these feelings just can’t be captured in the same way. Rather, the desks are too big, they’re too small, they’re made from cheap particleboard and the surfaces are a wood-like plastic. So, why not have a say it what your desks look like, what they’re made of, and how big they are?


This is why you should come to WoodOnSteel for your office workstation needs. Not only can we make something out of 100% natural, local wood and recycled iron, we can make it to your specifications. You choose the wood, how we treat it, the size, the edging – you can reflect that image in your head!


So, if you’re a London office in need of an upgrade, come to us with your plan! We can work closely with you to ensure that everything that comes out of our workshop is what you want. Big or small, ambitious or simple, Rustix will make your visions come to life!


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