Give Your Cottage An Update For Canada’s 150th Birthday!

We’re coming up on a massive birthday this July – Canada turn the big one-five-oh! In our opinion, she doesn’t look a day over 100. While our nation tries to blow out a massive amount of candles, we know what you’ll be doing: drinking Canadian beer and celebrating the festivities at your cottage!


There’s still over a month to go, which means you have enough time to trick out your cottage and make it ready for the biggest birthday bash in the 150 years of our independence. Here are some tips so your cottage is updated, upgraded, and as awesome as possible.


Deck Out Your Deck


Your deck pretty much defines the cottage. Sure, you sleep indoors, but you live on the deck. It’s where you enjoy those sunny days, those clear, starry nights, those card games and beers enjoyed by torchlight. It’s important to make sure it’s as great – and durable – as possible before the next long weekend.


Not only check for rot and broken railings: give this important space a new look! Sand it down, replace the damaged boards (if any), apply a cleaner, then apply a sealer or stain. In one clear, warm weekend you’ll have an upgraded deck! You’ll want you, your friends, and your family to sit pretty, and believe us: nothing looks better than perfectly finished wood. Maybe even go as far as replace the deck!


If you’re sick of the citronella Tiki torches lighting your nights, pick up some dreamy patio lights and wind them around the railing.


New Furniture


Maybe the deck doesn’t need more work. Maybe it’s your furniture that needs an upgrade. Cottage furniture is often overlooked, and really, we can’t blame you; it’s not like you’re spending all summer up there. But hey, it’s Canada Day! The biggest one in…well, fifty years!


If you’re looking for something special, get some all-Canadian furniture with one of WoodOnSteel”s unique reclaimed wood pieces. Our live-edge tables and custom seating will bring the perfect rustic feel to your cottage. Bring ‘em home for the winter, because they go great in any setting!


Great Cottage Accents


Be comfortable at the cottage, and make sure you’re doing so in style with Canada’s best-known lifestyle brands. Cover up that old couch with a gorgeous Hudson’s Bay Company blanket, lighten up with outdoor lamps from Canadian Tire and ensure you’re warm with classic Roots Salt & Pepper sweaters and sweatpants, just in case Canada Day turns a wee bit chilly towards the end (it’s Canada, after all!).


Don’t neglect your cottage this Canada Day! From small additions to big projects, you can make it the best destination for everyone joining you in celebration.


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