Cottage Furniture Upgraded

Cottage furniture is usually the stuff left over from your home. You buy a new table, chair, bench or couch and the old one gets shoved in a trailer and hauled up the first nice weekend of the year. You bought the cottage to leave your regular life behind, but you can’t really do this if you’re greeted by a chipped plastic table or a couch that’s overdue for some upholstery work!

For cottagers across Ontario, their little lakeside homes are destinations that deserve some TLC, but usually don’t get the thoughtfulness they need. Your furniture needs an upgrade, and custom-made live edge furniture is a great choice!

Pick Cottage Furniture That Works With Everything

Everything looks impressive around something impressive, and upgrading your cottage’s furniture can be as simple as buying one centerpiece around which everything is enhanced. Your country furniture could be an eclectic mix of wicker, plastic, particle board, and weird fabric, but if it sits around beautiful custom furniture, it really doesn’t matter.

Natural cottage furniture works this way because natural wood goes with everything, regardless of the context, color scheme, or lighting. Make it the table around which you eat dinner and play cards late at night – with the proper finishing, it can be your outdoor table, indoor table, or both! By having one large table custom made, you’re going with a cost-effective way to improve your vacation space, and it’ll definitely have you wanting to come back all summer long.

Simple, Natural Custom Furniture Ideas

One of the reasons you head up to the cottage is to get away from your daily routine. It’s about enjoying a basic vacation without the constant stream of emails, social media, phone calls, and meetings. But when you travel to your rustic getaway, it doesn’t have to be all synthetic material in faded avocado. You should upgrade your furniture so that it reflects the reason you actually have a cottage: to enjoy nature!

The best attributes of live edge furniture complement the natural world that you come to enjoy at the cottage. It’s a distinct look you won’t find anywhere else, no matter how hard you look. By keeping the distinct look and texture of the tree from which the wood came, you’re incorporating the feel of the forest without utilizing a tacky trend that will look out-of-date (wood paneling is so Eighties!).

Upgrading To Live Edge Furniture For Something Different

It’s true, you might not have the money to upgrade every piece of furniture, and are looking for a more unorthodox approach to a cottage facelift. Think about having a countertop space made with real wood and a live edge – a kickass bar will make your cottage the destination of choice for all your friends. Take that bar top outside and make your deck the place to be when the drinks are cold!

It’s not just home surfaces you can enhance – use natural wood for benches and stools to really bring some rustic chic to your cottage. Be on the lookout for barnboard to accent the cottage and add unique color and texture to it. The key to upgrading your cottage furniture is giving it a character you’ll only find at the cottage, and you’ll unlock its potential at WoodOnSteel!


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