Cool Ideas for Custom Wood Desks

A desk made with you in mind is the best piece of office furniture money can buy. But while the function can come easily (you’re probably aware of how much legroom you need), the form can take some time to perfect. Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration to dream up the perfect desk for you! For those of us stuck in a creative rut, here are some cool ideas for custom wood desks that will look great in any home or business.

Vintage Pipes + Reclaimed Wood

Some ideas never go out of style, and the art of reusing materials is one of those ideas. Reclaimed wood, combined with vintage metal material like pipes, can add a signature style to your office. Try and fit in other materials you can use as drawers or shelves, like old wooden crates and wicker baskets, to complete the style with a little functionality.

The Mini Laptop Desk

Not every desk has to be an enormous piece of furniture! If you have little space to waste, you might just want a home desk that works for your mobile life. The desktop can be smaller in size, but when made to your dimensions, you can do exactly what you want in a compact way. Hey, laptops and tablets can do so much for us while needing so little in return, they deserve a desk of their own.

Floating Corner Desks

If you have a comfy little nook that’s going to waste, have a custom desktop made to its dimensions. It can free up some space and give yourself a new vantage point – plus installation is a breeze, with no legs required!

The Waterfall

Sometimes, all it takes to be cool is to think a little differently. The “waterfall” style of desk is just different enough to make a lasting impression, but not so bold as to look out of place. The asymmetrical design of the waterfall is its defining feature, and while it’s fairly simple, it’s definitely striking.

Minimalist Look, Discrete Elements

Your desk can be pretty basic and still have its own secrets. Using inspiration from Japanese furniture designer Shin Azumi’s minimalist Covet desk, you can add small features that integrate themselves into the form of the desk. A discrete drawer, for example, is the perfect place for all those confidential materials you don’t want snoopers to find. Don’t let what’s obvious restrict your vision – the details can make for the coolest desk imaginable!

The George Costanza

As seen in the Seinfeld episode “The Nap”, George has his office desk turned into the perfect napping spot, complete with a little shelf for an alarm clock. It’s the perfect project for a custom desk because bringing in an actual contractor to do the work would make your boss suspicious. Of course, the ticking of his alarm clock turns out to be George’s undoing, but now we have our smartphones to wake us up, right?

Let us know if you’re ready to talk about your custom wood desk design ideas and we’ll schedule a consultation today! You can also check out our custom residential and commercial live edge furniture.


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