Contemporary Wood Furniture Trends You’ll Love

Looking to give your home a bit of a lift? Don’t go in for a costly remodel – try adding some wood furniture. Check these contemporary trends out – you might find the one thing that ties the whole room together!


Natural Tones

Don’t do too much to your furniture – natural finishes are an enduring look that highlights what makes the wood so appealing in the first place. You can use natural wood pieces to act as centerpieces or to accent the rest of your room; whatever your intention, natural finishes don’t really go out of style. The rustic chic look, where one combines the appeals of the cottage with 21st Century stylings, has been around for a while and will stay popular for quite some time.


Ceruse Wood

This method of enhancing hardwood from 16th Century France, also known as “liming”, is back in a big way. Now, back then, they used a lead paint to prevent oak from rotting; now, ceruse wood is a purely decorative finish that brings out the natural grain of the wood and highlighting what makes it unique. If you want to finish a table yourself, find some liming wax at your local hardware store; it’ll add a white grained finish.


Waterfall Tables

Waterfall tables are interesting, minimalist pieces. The beautiful piece of wood is bent so that the top and at least one of the legs retain its wholeness, with the wood grain taking on the appearance of water cascading over a ledge. Usually, waterfall tables keep all of what makes the specific bit of wood unique – not just the grain, but the edges, too.


Chalk Paint

This one’s a bit more divisive, but the people who love chalk paint love chalk paint. It’s another way of finishing wood furniture that can revitalize a worn, dingy piece and turn it into something that can fit with one’s chosen decorating scheme. It also helps vintage furniture retain some of its soul, allowing them to fit in perfectly with the rustic-chic look.


Live Edge Furniture

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our specialty, but live edge furniture brings an enduring look for every room. Whether it’s being used to anchor a whole new décor scheme or accent an existing one, any live edge table, chair, or stool can find a special place in your home. We can take your specifications – size, finish, etc. – and make you a custom piece that’s completely you!



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