Colour Stain Trends for 2018


Custom-made furniture means you get to choose not just the wood, the size, and the shape of your creation, but also the color! Whether you go with the natural (or naturally enhanced) color of the wood, or a bright hue that’ll liven up your day, you’ll still be getting a solid piece of furniture the way you want it.

Before you make your choice, though, you should know what’s in for 2018. Trends stick around too, so these are bound to last into 2019 and beyond!

Extremes Are In

Go bold or go… not bold. Either way, you’ll still be in style! Very light and very dark are both very trendy, but choosing one depends on what sort of atmosphere you want in the room. Light brown-stained wood gives off a lovely warmth, and it looks great in a room with natural light. Very dark wood stains, like deep brown or charcoal black, are very modern and sophisticated. They look wonderful when contrasted with white, and are great in professional settings.

Raw Power

Stains can reanimate dull wood, but some pieces need that rawness to bring out the natural beauty and character. Using a natural finish without stain or dye will keep this safe from nicks and superficial damage, all the while looking like a bold, naked, impressive piece of wood. Keep the natural edges, combine it with antique (or antique-looking) materials like cast iron, and create an appearance of age. Which is sort of true – the table may have been made this year, but the wood itself could be hundreds of years old!

Grey is Everything

A big, unique trend for 2018 is grey. Grey can give wood, whether it’s reclaimed or naturally sourced,  a neutral color that can work with just about any décor. If you’re looking to give a room a retro-chic look or want those modern rustic vibes indoors, grey furniture is a must. Even as your tastes change – and they will – grey will accent beautifully with any color.

Bright, Welcoming Stains

Not everything has to be natural, and bright stains add a lot of color and character to your home. These stains, which use a tint base to give the wood colors you wouldn’t find in nature still work to preserve the natural grain. If you want that dull pink, Wood Rose is your way to go; Mustard gives off a bright, cheery yellow (as long as you’re not expecting a brown Dijon); and a stain known as Island Water will add a lovely blue, perfect for the cottage or any nautical-themed room. Whatever improves your mood and the look of your room is a plus!

Coloured stains can be tricky to choose, especially if you’re unsure about a trend’s staying power. Natural wood furniture is an investment, and Luckily, you can have the furniture refinished if your tastes change! Just make sure to be delicate, or have a professional take care of it. And of course, call us if you want to learn more about all of these colored wood stains!



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