Can Cast Iron and Live Edge Furniture Coexist?

Live edge wood and cast iron sound like opposite sides on the furniture/material spectrum. One comes almost straight from nature, revealing the unique designs and beauty of trees; the other comes from ore mined deep in the earth, brought to life in the searing heat of a blast furnace. Despite these differences, though, the two materials have much more in common than you might think! 

When a designer or furniture maker brings them together, live edge furniture and cast iron make the perfect pair. This means not only can they coexist, but they can also enhance each other!

Live Edges, Cast Iron, And Rustic Chic

The design that best brings cast iron and live edge wood together is modern rustic. Rustic “chic” is best described as using natural materials and unique handmade décor to create an atmosphere that is simple, beautiful, and inviting. Materials like wood, stone, and metal rule in this design scheme, and decorators use them to create intimate interiors that reflect rural homes or outdoor getaways. This mix also means that the rooms will have a lot of “textural” variety, and rough grains and raw surfaces are often left intact. 

Another major element of rustic chic is what’s best described as “heavy.” Darker, muted colors and earthy tones, classic deep leathers, wooden furniture with the colors and grains preserved – we’re talking pieces that look and feel heavy. You’re already creating a mental image of the ideal piece of furniture, so what materials would you use to bring it to life?

Your room doesn’t have to look like a cottage retreat or a ski lodge, though; you need elements that emphasize the natural and organic (or organic-looking). These design principles make cast iron and wood natural allies, even better if the wood also preserves features like live edges. They both retain the imperfect perfection of the materials in their rawest forms!

Handcrafted furniture that uses both materials is ideal for the rustic style – or for that matter, any style! The simple, heavy beauty will look at home in kitchens, living rooms, cottages, and even in bathrooms because live edge tabletops and cast iron legs go together like PB + J!

Live Edge Furniture With Cast Iron!


One quality that slabs of live edge wood and cast iron have in common is strength. A piece of furniture made with either one of these materials will be strong, but combine the two and the customer will have something built for life. It’s why we love bringing these two together for our clients, as it ensures that the table they bring home will stay with them and their family for generations!


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