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5 Things To Consider For Your Work From Home Setup

More and more of us are working from home – and that means the office is only steps away from the bed. Even if you adjusted to a new professional routine for a while now, it’s good to step back and consider your work-from-home setup. 

Do you have the space you need? Do you have the proper equipment? Are you comfortable? Here’s what to think about when you want to have the best work setup possible!

Is Your Work Space Only For Work?


Maintaining a work-life balance can be more difficult when you’re working from home. Dedicate a desk, table space, equipment, and even an entire room only for work. 

Some equipment can be shared, but make sure to outline work and enjoyment – for example, when your laptop is on your lap, it’s personal time, but when it’s connected to a monitor and external keyboard, you’re on the clock. 


Does Your Desk Let You Adjust Your Working Position?


Many businesses brought standing desks into their offices to help employees ensure they weren’t sitting all day. However, some days you don’t want to be standing all day, either. It’s why you should have a workstation that you can adjust to your comfort level. It’s why you should add a Sit-Stand desk to your home office!

The automated sit-stand desk legs let you choose your ideal desk height. When you want to change to a standing workstation, you won’t have to use your body to pull everything up to the right height – the desk lets you program your ideal settings so that the adjustments are as easy to make as the touch of a button!

A Sit-Stand Smart Desk can keep your electrical wires and cords organized and concealed, keeping the surface free for your essential working equipment – and a few knick-knacks!


How Much Natural Light Do You Have?



Is your work-from-home spot inviting? You might have made a little station in a part of the home that isn’t the most conducive to work. You’ll be more comfortable if you’re in a well-ventilated area near some windows. Once you’ve got your coffee or tea, open those curtains to greet the morning sun and start your day with some positive energy. You may find your productivity will go up!


Is Your Chair Ergonomically Correct?


You might find it tempting to save a few dollars and haul one of your kitchen chairs into the office. What was once an ache in your lower back will quickly turn into something more serious, and it will affect your work and wellbeing. Because you’d be spending a lot of time sitting down, it’s wise to have a comfortable, ergonomically-correct chair! 

A solid office chair will prevent backache problems by providing the right amount of lumbar and posture support. If it has an ergonomic design, it will help you sit comfortably for long periods of work. If you’re ready to stand up, use your smart desk!


Do You Have The Right Speakers To Bump The Best Work Tunes?


You’re working in a place where your love of Taylor Swift or death metal (or both!) won’t annoy coworkers. Are you ready to bounce to your own beats? A Bluetooth speaker setup will let you fill your space with your favorite music, helping you feel more at home and wash out any ambient noise so you can focus (think a loud dishwasher or a barking dog).

It’s more than just for getting hyped for the workday. Music can help you relax, feel re-energized after your lunch break, and help improve your overall productivity.


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