Live Edge

WoodOnSteel contract mills and kiln dries (6-8% moisture content) over 6000 bd/ft of domestically sourced and salvaged live edge lumber every 2-3 months.

We supply a variety of domestic hardwoods including (but not limited to) Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Elm and softwoods such as Pine and Spruce. The majority of our inventory has been milled to 8/4 or 2″ thick for table tops and other furniture designs and we offer some 5/4 or 1.25″ stock for live edge cutting boards and charcuterie boards.

Cross Cuts

We also carry a variety of cross-cut slabs (‘log rounds or cookies’) that are milled from 3-4″ thick in various sizes and species, and some stumps that make for unique side tables.

Stunning Pieces

Live edge furniture and decor has grown in popularity in these last few years as it provides for stunning one-of-a-kind pieces that can stand the test of time!


Reclaimed Lumber

WoodOnSteel carries a variety of salvaged and recycled/reclaimed lumber such as barn board (grey, brown and red), barn beams, milled beam slabs, old growth granary boards and threshing (floor boards).

Most of our reclaimed stock is locally salvaged from old barns and other buildings and is usually 60-150 yrs old!!

Reclaimed lumber makes for very beautiful and unique furniture and decor including feature/accent walls, signs, hall benches, shelving, mantels and tables/table tops. The aged and weathered look creates a rustic and charming feel when mixed with newer and modern decor!

Wood Finishing

In addition to lumber sales, WoodOnSteel offers several a-la-cart services that can help our clients with their projects. We offer custom cutting, planing, jointing, surface sanding, prep-sanding and in-house custom staining and finishing for our wood products! We can help with the design, planning and production of a custom table or decor piece that suits your unique specifications.

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